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Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. ive been doing impressions :D thats not the hobby. irritating the people around me with these impressions is alot of fun thats the hobby.
    ya know i can do all the easy ones...
    forest gump (thats really irritating to my husband)
    the terminator
    a few nascar drivers
    several from south park (respect mah authority!)
    a couple of the simpsons...
    bob dillan, that ones alot of fun too
    a stripper, this ones my favorite...(whenever i hear stipper music, its up on the coffee table i go) this also irritates my husband.= main goal in new hobby

    but i cracked my kid up sooo good with TIMMY from south park...shes like"omg, mom ya finally did a good one"
    ill just look at one of my poor poor family members and scream TIMMAH, or gobbles.

    i need a new hobby, no no i dont i might need a new coffee table tho :D

  2. Lol. TIMMY!!!!!

    I love that guy. Can you do Jimmy too from Southpark?

    "Oh wow, what a great audience" :D

    Dancing on the coffee table huh? Oh my! :D
  3. LMMFAO!!! All I can think about is Sid now!!!!! :p

    I support you 100% in your new hobby and am quite proud of you. I suck at impressions...except the Timmy one. I practiced that a lot the other day! Of course, I realize that the impressions aren't the hobby...irritating certain other people is....GOOD JOB, GIRL!!!! :)
  4. mr. IndianaToker......jimmy will be next on the list
    i forgot another good one,...an ole slave lady,everyone hates that one
    makin up crazy slave songs while i be workin in the kitchen....
    i think im pretty good at all these impressions, an i know im very good at irritating people with them..
    sooo thats this weeks intertainment

    i dont know why the stipper thing on the coffeetable bugs hubster, i belive its becasue im BLOCKING HIS VIEW!

    question is will i become bored with my new hobby or break the coffee table first? :D
  5. Most men dream of having a wife that will dance on the coffee table, lol. :D Your hubby should feel lucky!!

  6. next dance ill ask in my very best dirty harry voice.....
    Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do you?

    ill let ya know :D

  7. OMG....LMAO!!!! DO IT, DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!!!!!! Then tell us what he says!!!
  8. "you must be thinking to yourself, did i fire off 5 of items of clothing or 6"....lol......Peace out......Sid
  9. This has got to be the funniest shit since, /........well I guess it must be the funniest...

    I am LMMFAO at highya!!!!

    You go girl!!1
  10. do your kids know you smoke?
  11. ...







  12. just so everyone knows this is "lucky",

  13. my oldest two yes. i respect them enough to not smoke around them. but they know why i step outside from time to time.

    budhead darlin.....its laughin WITH me hun, with me :)
    or i wont tell ya anymore stuff :p

    an critter i know you think mah dogs cute,...
    although lucky, and punked in the same sentence does bring back bad blocked out already memories....

    jilly i bet he tells me to get off the coffee table like he always does.........
    then ill just go all out clint eastwood on him...these should be good ones he likes clint and hates my impressions

    oh i just got a good one........tonights impression alll the deer than ran away from him...muhahaha i promise he'll love that one
  14. that has to be the second most cute animal pic ive ever seen :) hehe i cant believe he let u put those antlers on him (her if its a she) .... and yes second most cute.. :) i still love m7y dog WAY to much to give her second billing :)
  15. lucky's lookin a lil lucky tonight... :D

    and for an annoying impression...the whiney cartman voice....

    "mooooooooooooooooooom, but mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom...."

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