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i gotsa question.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. we go..

    if the earth......stoppppped spiinnnin,

    would we all fall down?
  2. Probably get crushed by the earth's gravity. that'd suck...
  3. well technically the only way the world could stop spinning is if the sun disappeared somehow because we then wouldn't have its gravity to spin us...and can you just imagine a world w/ out a would we grow our weed????
  4. kinda remindes me of that horrible 80's song by modern english...
    "ill stop the world and melt with you" la la la la.... haha... i dont think we'd melt if the world stopped spinning? I learned about this in earth science two years ago, but i can't remember.. i used to know what would happen... grr
  5. If the earth suddenly stopped spinning we'd probably all be
    ejected through the walls of our houses, or any building we
    were near, at about a thousand miles per hour.

    In other words, we'd all be dead.

    Now, if it slowed down over time and stopped slowly, we'd all
    float away. But we wouldn't care, because we'd all be dead.
    No gravity, no way to hold an atmosphere. We'd all have
    long since suffocated.

    In other words, if the earth stopped rotating, we'd be dead.
  6. No, gravity is created by the mass of the earth, not its rotation. If the earth stopped spinning, gravity would increase because the centripetal force created by its rotation would end.

  7. But is gravity the only force keeping us here on the surface of the earth? Think again.
  8. well ask yourself this one, if you were in space looking at earth, which direction are you looking? up down left or right?

  9. And what time is it?
  10. every day is a new day
    im thankful for every breath i take

    smashed roach on my floor surrounded by aquarium gravel

    if the world stopped spinning...

    i think i would just kinda fall over...

    actually..if the earth did in fact stop on a dime...if you werent wearing your handy dandy earth seatbelt..then you would continue in the same direction as original movement..much like a car crash...but in this case you would be going around 1000 mph.....

    but thats not my point is this
    im high...high up..lifted in ill just lite somewhere else when it stops.

  11. Wait, um it's not? What?
  12. i would just jump backward and stop moving while everyone flew about me

    toke toke but no one to pass to and i would cry...
  13. i pulled the plug.

  14. so what else is keeping us on the surface of the earth? I'm pretty intriqued now.
  15. uck uck uck :)
  16. what about our shoes?
  17. Im not wearing any shoes...

    or any clothes for that matter...

  18. what if we could pinpoint the minute that the world was going to stop spinning and synche up the entire population to sing and dance ring around the roise at the same exact moment.

  19. NO,cause l,am so high l,am floating man,lol.

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