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I gotsa few Q's

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by b4k0n, Oct 7, 2010.

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    so I was wondering if blue smoke coming from my bowl when it cherries is normal, and if crackling weed is ok, and I know it isn't from seeds because I grind my mj up with ma grinder.

    also, how long should a toke be held in for? I usually hold a hit off a piece for about 6-7 seconds and a bong rip for 10 seconds...if I can :D.

    Is a handheld butane torch better than a normal bic lighter? or the other way around?

    and what is the most noticeable difference in LOOKS in an Indica nug vs. a Sativa nug. Thanks!

    ALSO-I added 2 pics from my cell phone of the nug to see if I'm getting ripped off or not, the pic is a 40 bag, the pictures are shitty quality but I figured that you guys could get the basic understanding of size because I put a measuring tape in them to allow you to put everything to scale. The nugs are pretty dense and are about a half in height from the surface in the pics. Thanks!

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  2. yeah your smoking schwag if it pops cus the seeds are grinded up.

    blue smoke, weird color for smoke but whatever.

    bic lighter is good for weed
    a torch is good for oil

  3. 1: Sounds like your weed isn't being flushed properly by the grower. Might still have fertilizers and shit in it. Crackling and blue smoke isn't normal

    2: eh, 5-7 seconds is the norm. Any longer is only gonna let more chemicals settle in your lungs.

    3: Bics are good. Or hempwick.

    4: I'm not sure if this is true, but I've heard Indica nugs are denser and smaller, while Sativa is fluffier and more elongated. That could be totally wrong though.
  4. Indica buds are usually bigger and density of the bud depends on the strain. While sativas usually have smaller buds. The only true way to decipher if its a sativa or indica is the high. Sativa mad head high, indica is a body high can be associated with couch lock.
  5. Blue smoke and crackling is weird. I would say it's seeds but you already answered that question (Unless you're just grinding up all your seeds. Which would make your bud crackle even more). It might be that "legal herb" bs but I doubt you wouldn't notice the fact that you wouldn't be getting high.

    Id say buy some different bud or find a enw dealer.

    Holding in hits gets pretty pointless after about 7+/- seconds. Its basically all absorbed after that and anyhting longer wouldn't really do much but add unnecessary strain on your lungs.

    A butane torch would most likely push much more butane into your smoke, giving it a nastier taste and unwanted chemicals. It will also burn through your weed much quicker than an average bic lighter.

    You can't really tell the difference (Sativa vs. Indica) by just looking at the bag. You have to smoke it to see if it is more of an uplifting, clear-headed high (Sativa) or a lazy, couch-lock high (Indica). Although, Sativa's are usually fluffier and a lighter green color than Indica's because of the lower amount of Chlorophyll.

    Hope that helps...

    EDIT: Damn, they beat me to it. :D

  6. For the smoke, I have no idea. I've never had it happen but if you look at reasons for the colors of fire, either you have REALLY wierd chemicals in your bud, or it's just burning very hot.

    Hold it for 6-7 seconds max, no matter what you're smoking out of. After that it's mostly tar that you're getting in your lungs.

    Butane torches tend to taste bad, but if you dont mind then they work too. I like bic lighters because I think it's easier to corner the bowl with it. Just suck the flame towards where you want it.

    Looks? Not sure what to tell you, not much I dont think.

  7. I agree with everything in your post except the part about legal herb not getting you high. That stuff gets you high. In fact the chemicals they spray it with are THC analogues that have more affinity for CB1 receptors than THC. Still illegal bud is better but unless your referring to something else, I think legal bud does get you high.
  8. Hmmm. You might be thinking of something along the lines of Spice, Kratom, or some other smoking blend. I've tried some of that "Hawaiian Haze" legal bud and all it gave me was a headache and a sore throat.

    I know some of it contains Damania, and have smoked that alone and felt relaxed, but these fake nuggets didn't do anything at all. :(

  9. Oh ok. I know what you mean. The fake stuff they try to make look like bud. Never tried but it seems like such a joke I never will. Then again I tried spice which did in fact get me high. Still bad though. If it was any good it wouldn't be legal.
  10. Blue smoke? Dude wtf? :eek:
  11. It's probably crackling because you grinded up stems in there. And I have no clue what to say about blue smoke, that's just strange.
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    In general, the cola bud of sativa are longer and made up of smaller, lighter, more whispy nuggets. The indica colas are shorter and made up of larger more dense nuggets. If by 'nugget' we are refering to each running flower cluster that make up the cola buds than sativas nuggets are most definetly smaller.

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