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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by johnnyd, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. i was just wondering do halogen lights work good for growing?

    do flood lights work good for growing?
  2. Iwish they would,it would be a lot cheaper to get started growing indoors.I tried it at first with gro lights the cheap 150watt incandescents. I got a little bud, but nothing compared to using an HID setup.Halogen,although bright do not emit the proper spectrum of lighting needed for vigorus plant growth.Plus they get really hot.In order to get some buds either use a window ledge or grow outdoors. That's really the only way to get big buds without using an HID setup. Sorry.
  3. flourecents work for growing?

    do u think incandescent floodlights would work?

    what type of lighting do u need for vegative growth and what type do u need for flowring?
  4. If you have to veg with fluoros. Thats what I do and I get 24 inch tall bushes. Then I put them in the flowering chamber which is lit using HID. You need the high lumen output to promote big and compact buds.It is reccomended to give at least 10,000 lumens to your plants!
  5. are soft white floros the same as warm white floros?
  6. A 4 ft. warm white fluoro produces around 3,000 lumens mainly in the red spectrum. A 4 ft cool white bulb produces around 2,200 lumens, mostly in the blue spectrum. This is for 40 watt bulbs.The cheap kind.That is 2 warm to 1 cool white bulb. It is generally reccomended by most growers to use a combination of the two to promote lush growth during vegetative growth and use HID's to flower..
  7. thanks for the help. but i went to buy a warm white tube and they didnt have any in 4ft size. so i got a soft white. My question is- Is the soft white the same thing as a warm white but just different name?

    ALSO- i have 2 40w floros right now, and hps is out of the question, how much more floros do i need to produce the propper lumens for good bud. I mean how many more floros do you recomend as a minimum. I know more is always better but whats the minnimum.
  8. if you try to bud with floros try to focus on the main cola with top and side lighting dont try to get big plants over 3' what ever you do keep us posted but 30 watts psf i would say is my min good luck

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