I got variety!

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    Currently I have ..
    2x DWC setup and running(6 plants)ak47
    3x indoor grow setup (soil)(3 plants)ak47 and gorilla glue
    1x Aquaponic setup and running(4 plants)gorilla glue and ak47
    1x Willma pot setup and running(1 plant)gorilla glue
    1x partridge in a pear tree
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  2. Nice to see your set up 'Aporkhunt,,..i see your veggin the plants under small CFLs ,,what light/s are using to flower them with ,,mac,,.
  3. 08ECD9EE-ABA4-45A1-BEC2-BADE09F0624D.jpeg 4580475C-441A-49AB-8A02-CCAE728D6E42.jpeg Cheers for the kudos mactheman , i have a 150w led UFO setup about 2ft away from plants(comes in on an angle) and a 600w Hps light that sits about 5-6ft away(directly above) both currently running same time as the cfls, I’m trying to get as much growth in before I switch to the 12/12 stage

    ..the hydro’s are 4 weeks in and the indoor soil is about 5 and a half weeks in (the rest vary)

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