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    when i was a freshman and it was like my 3rd time smoking.. i was like 13-14 years old.. we were in school by the portables.. and my boy had a bowl on him. we went under the portable, and started smoking the bud. one of my idiot friends left his whole foot out, and a teacher saw it. she made us get out and follow her into her classroom. the bitch was dumb enough to go first. she walked in, then one of my homeboys followed her while my other friend and i cleared it. my boy who got caught got expelled, 30 days in juvie and never ratted us out.

    this other time, i went to walmart after a sesh for food at like 2 in the morning, and one of those donating blood trucks were there. we were blasted and the group of people who were getting the people saw that we were blasted, and they were like do you guys got more bud, we'll pay for it just that we aren't from around here and we are fiending that shit. i sold him my bud and that dude still smoked us out in the donating van. that shit was crazy..

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  2. donating blood and blazing.....fucking awesome job.
  3. that is awesome. smokin in a blood donation van..:cool:

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