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i got to thinkin about stale smoke tonight, you guys

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sodomizedjello, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. well, they say smoke goes stale (doesn't get you high) after a few seconds of coming in contact with the atmosphere.

    i got to thinking tonight, you guys, and what about vapor? people let their vapes sit for definitly more than just a couple seconds while it's filling up with that wonderful vapor chock full of thc.

    could why my vape highs seem to not last as long or be as "heavy" be due to the fact that all that vapor is sitting there getting stale? :confused:

    :eek: sorry to anyone who thinks this is dumb :eek:
  2. that actually is a really good question
  3. stale smoke gets you high, it just tastes mad nasty
  4. Does the molecular make-up of smoke change as it sits? I don't know either way but my assumption is that it does not. What I think we perceive as stale smoke is actually just cooler smoke i.e. the temp has gone down. If any one could detail what happens to smoke as a function of time that would be great.
  5. Yeah, I agree, letting smoke sit, like in a gravity bong, does not seem to make the smoke any less potent. It does make the smoke taste like ass though.
  6. ya i was thinkin about stale smoke the other night to as i was milking my bong

    i was thinkin you know how some poeple can milk a bong for like a minute and cash like a whole bowl lol

    well wouldnt the smoke go stale as they say lol?
  7. I would like to bring up clam/pressure baking. Think about it for a few moments and it will make sense.

    Also, you can get a 'contact high' from being around people who are blazing...
  8. From what I hear.. THC is a really sticky molecule and will stick to some surfaces (i.e resin). If it sits in there long enough to stick to the walls, it's probably going to lose some THC. I'd say your hits just aren't probably as chuck-full of the wonderful thc.
  9. I don't use a vape-bag, and I still find that my vape highs are a little shorter-lived than other highs, but thats partially due to the lack of drowsiness/burnt out feelings afterwards.
  10. like everyone else said it gets u high but tastes horrible
  11. stale smoke isnt pleasent but u can put up with it and it gets you high so...
  12. I'm with ganjavation420 as well. I was going to plead ignorance before I read his post because I hadn't ever heard that before. :smoke:
  13. OH ok, i was under the impression that smoke a few seconds old had gone "bad." now here i been kicking my poor little lungs' asses trying to clear my bong every single massive hit for fear of not getting the most out of my bud. well, thanks for clearing that up (no pun intended ):)
  14. chambered smoke is full of thc and will most definately get you high. what happens as it sits with the bong water is that it is growing stale due to the bong water flavoring the hit slowly.

    when you intake smoke into your lungs, thc goes through the microscopic openings that allow oxygen through to your bloodstream. tar splashes onto the cilia, slowly killing them and coating the inside of your lungs with tar. meanwhile, thc, cannabinoids, and other chemicals enter your bloodstream and hit your brain.

    the smoke you exhale is far less potent than the smoke you inhaled, but people who have been hotboxed, or inhaled another person's smoke via kissing or some other method (gas masks as in seen in the movie platoon) seem to have some effect.
  15. in vaps its probly diffrent because it has its own enclosed enviroment.. itts really not exposed till u open the bag and start inhaling u kno?
  16. it still gets you high it just taste like shit out of a bong
  17. Going out on a limb here as I do not really know, maybe it is in relation to the same process of any other smoke you see. I mean check out a car when you first crank it up it smokes but the smoke disappears, I think it's b/c of the atmoshere changing the chemical compound. I do not mean this is what is happening i thought it might help our hypothesis process, anywho..... JOE>


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