I got them parents' house blues.

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  1. I love my parents to death, but Ive gotta get the fuck out of this house.

    For those of you who live at home, do your parents respect your privacy? At all? Mine do this one-two "knock and enter" bullshit where they knock, then come right in regardless of whether or not I say they can. Why even bother? Do they want me to turn away from the computer so they can see me halfheartedly hiding a boner right as they enter?

    Then, when they leave, they pull the door almost shut. They don't shut it, but they pull it almost closed so theres just a tiny gap between the door and the frame. These are the same fuckers who got on me for half-assing everything i did in high school. SHUT THE DOOR OR DONT.

    I shut my door before I leave for work every morning. And every afternoon when i return it is open. AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH.SDPOTUIYWNJHPEOAIWHpiqu46667684.

    Any time I tell them to knock this stupid bullshit off I get the bulletproof "My House" argument.

    It's THE reason I have never had a serious girlfriend, and dont get laid nearly as often as I'd like to; I've got no place to bring a girl where no one will fuck with us. Trying to bring someone to my house and get into my room is like trying to break the defensive line of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The second I walk in with anyone, the family jumps on them "Hi, who are you? Its good to meet you. Care for a drink? Cookies? T-bone steak? want me to suck your dick? rub your feet? no? Ok. Well why dont we just chat here for a while? Oh, you wanted to spend some time with Warren. Well, he can come out here! Oh. His room? I guess... Leave the door open, or we'll knock and come in before he gives us permission!"

    So, blades, if anyone wants a free eighth, all you have to do is come to my house and kill my parents. it's headies.
  2. Came stay with me if you want. :p I need a roommate (fucking bills).
  3. maryland is kind of far. if ya pay for the ticket it's all gravy.

    jk i get the same shit. can't any real privacy. i tried taking the knobs off the doors but they found the other knob in the back yard when my dad was digging holes for sunflowers. can't even do lines or pack a bowl without constantly listening for walking or a car pulling up. fuck.
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    You should get a proximity alarm of some kind, put it in the hallway so that it beeps in your room when they enter the hallway. That should give you plenty of time to tuck little Warren away safely.

    Edit: Oh and consider yourself lucky. When I had my door closed, I didn't even get a knock, so I discovered it was actually better to just leave the door wide open so I could seem em coming. Ah the joys of still living at home. :)
  5. Should be pretty easy then, huh?

  6. lmfao you buried your doorknob to keep your parents out?

    That's a +rep.
  7. Dude that was the funniest thing i have ever read i literaly laughing till i started coughing.....

    but i live at home still (not 4 long) but my parents are cool. they lways knock and then ask can i come in. i can say hold on a sec and they wait and ask no questions. i klive in the attic and its so sick. i can burn insence and smoke bongs and do whatever. it makes it so much harder to leave when you can get away with everything.:hello:

  8. yep. sucks they found it.

    thx fur the repsies
  9. i feel ya man they always ALMOST close it and leave it cracked open...and never knock, its fuckin annoying
  10. Get a lock and tell your parents some shit about how your door knob is squeeking and you want to "help them out" by buying your own door knob and installing it yourself for some "experence". Maybe if your lucky you can get them to reimburse you for the knob :hello:
  11. My parents respect my privacy for the most part. I can lock my dorm anytime without them getting suspicious, and they always knock first. I've only had one real privacy issue with them. A few weeks ago I found my parents on my personal computer (which I built and paid for), looking through my e-mails, and bookmarks. Several of my bookmarks contained marijuana growing techniques, and they saw all of them. For some reason, they didn't really ask too many questions about it. I was pretty angry for a few days, but I've cooled off since then. No more problems anymore.

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