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I got the poo on me!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TNPAuTo, Nov 7, 2003.


What do you mean addicted?

  1. Like smoking

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  2. Love smoking

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  3. Need for weed

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  4. Pine-Oil

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  1. I'm finally back. I've been misteriously gone for about 8 months. I have been back for almost 2 weeks, and havn't been sober yet! I'm having a great time. I'm planning on calming it down some, so I can go to college and get a job at the zoo!!! Damn, it's great to be back!

    Hey Y'all

    Big Poppa Puff
    Bud Head
    Punks Not Dead

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  2. Welcome back!
  3. Yo, glad you're back man. It always makes me happy to have my name on a list :D

  4. Where did you go man? You seem to have been gone a long time.
  5. Hey TNPAuTo!! :wave:

    Glad you're back man! :hello: Sounds like you've been having some fun, lol. Good to see ya back at the City again friend! :D
  6. "got the poo on me"

    haha, isnt that from joe dirt? i loved that movie...
  7. HELLO!..i odnt know who youa re...but MY NAME IS ON THE LOISTT!!! WOOT!

  8. If I had a job at the zoo I'd hot box the monkey's cages with them.
  9. lmao... joe dirt rules!

    welcome back!

    ::does happy he made the list dance::
  10. Welcome back!!!!!!! Give us an update on your past 8 months!!!!!
  11. Welcome back!!! :D
  12. BLZNTRZ420... a fellow VA blade, im from charlottesville
  13. While I was at the wilderness camp I was in a Herpetology class and really enjoyed it. I now collect reptiles and amphibians for hobby. I also got my ged, and am now working on my sat's. I just bought a dub of some shit from one of my friends and dealers for $15. It is the best shit I have smoked in over a year!!!!!! I can't even finish a bowl. I think it might be super creeper.anyways, I am glad to be back, although I will not always be around I will alwyas be here!!!
    I gotsta go to work, I'll talk to you later!!! oh yeah, ZAO RULES!!!!!!!!!! SlipknoT DK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's my job to keep punk rock elite!


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  14. ::joins dirtyD in the mosh... 'cause you shouldn't have to mosh alone::

    ::remembers he doesn't like moshing and starts hardcore dancing instead::
  15. *sits silently*
  16. *runs into the wall next to the moshers and hard core dancers*

    Whoa that was sorta cool... anyone got a Vike? :p

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