I got the munchies and ate...?

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by themasochist, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. I just vaporized and took a couple bong rips off some mango kush, shit smells like fruity pebbles. Anyways, I have eaten thus far:

    1 stoufers mac and cheese singe portion
    2 apples
    1 bananna
    1 chicken breast, skinless
    1 bag popcorn

    and I have another mac and cheese in the microwave.

    I am about to hit up the store because I am fiending for some chocolate.

    What have you munched on so far?
  2. damn fat ass

  3. id neg you but ive done it too much today.
  4. lol, control those munchies! I usually try to drink alot so i get full, but i'll usually make a nice pb and j sandwhich.
  5. Why be a dick bro? I am not going to waste my time posting pics showing I am in great shape. I am a commercial diver, basically construction underwater.

    What is with these internet haters man, did your day feel complete by needlessly posting in this thread? Why bother asking I am sure you are just a damn troll who feeds off negativity. I see that so often on here it really fucks up a cool place.

  6. Mmmm I want a PB and Marshmellow fluff sandwich with some bannanas on it YUM!

    Or pul an elvis and pan fry it haha.
  7. So, what is anybody's favorite munchies?

    I always go to CVS and end up disappointed with what I find. I need to make the trip to a real grocery store sometime and stock up on good stuff.
  8. My favorite munchies... hmm. I get valley bread (think pita bread but thinner) and throw some turkey and cheese in there, and either I roll it up, or I microwave it for about a minute and then fold it twice hah.

    So good.

    I like to eat REAL food as munchies, you know? As opposed to ice cream or candy.
  9. commercial diver? Bad ass. my cousins boyfriend is a diver too. he used to work in st pete but now he is in nevada.
  10. hahahahaha
  11. I ate a whole bag of mini snickers one night and had the worst shits the next day lol.
  12. Relax its obvious he was kidding, and not trying to make everyone get butthurt
  13. Caramel popcorn is where its at, or Mexican food. I always hit up the local Mexican joint and dominate like, 4 baskets of chips and salsa before my food.

  14. man u neg way too much... and alot of stupid shit too
  15. just ate like 4 rice krispy treats, a bowl of cereal, and dinner. which was tacos :D and I ate 4 of them.
  16. stop being such a lil bitch.. he was playing with you. And why everyone on here feels the need to call out a troll all the time. thats annoying as fuck!
  17. lol dude i gave him +...shit cracked me up
  18. chill man he just made a joke you don't gotta take it so seriously.
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    shit...i fucking love flavor blasted gold fish. cant get enough of em! Doritos are mighty good too.

    edit: damn..cheeze itz too. i could go on..

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