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i got the hickups...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Zylark, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. and it is not very pleasant. i hate the hickups. so, alright, maybe i had a tad too much beer tonight, but that can't be right either. i'm not drunk. buzzed, yes, drunk no. [i can type right, therefore not drunk :) ]

    and still... hupp [pause] hupp [pause] hupp. well, you get the picture.

    i'll just test if smoking a fatty helps... update on the hickup situation will be posted in around 30 minutes time!


    edit: yup, no more hickups. i'm fine now. a bit high, but still, in perfect condition :D
  2. yay, ya, the hickups do suck a lot!!glad ya got rid of them
  3. This thread is jinxed! As soon as I came in here I started hiccoughing!!! Is that how you spell it? I don't know...
  4. my dad, who gets the hiccups a lot when he drinks beer, passed that gene onto me...I remember the day when I first got them when I was drinking with him. He told me his no fail trick to rid them. it was the day I found out I also didnt have a very strong gag reflex (lmao, sorry boys) he said, go to the bathroom and stick your finger down your throat. Well as gross as that sounds, it works like a charm for me. I dont suggest this for anyone who throws up a lot or feels like they may whilst drinking. :) good luck! :D
  5. have someone scare the shit out of you....hold your breath a few times for a few seconds... or drink more and just forget about em...... i usually opp for the third option...:)
  6. Cold knife on the forehead = cure

  7. for some reason I just got turned on by that..

  8. Well, of course you did, it's only natural!

  10. ooooooooh, AND LOOK, my hiccups are gone!
  11. no, ill tell you, that could be sooooo seductive..I guess anything could be if you want it to be, but I want THIS to be, cause it IS!

    is there anyway to *give* yourself hiccups??
  12. I agree...I'd love to say more but I don't want a hiccup thread to have be moved to the box...unless of course, the box wants it...

  13. what box wouldnt want *this*

    i wanna hear more...
    EDIT--get on the job, we want more! we want more!! cant you hear the people?!?! the peeeeople speak!!!
  14. hmmmm...a cold knife on the forehead followed by a warm soft tongue licking deeply would be really nice. i don't care if that sounds wierd!

  15. thats in the box!! in the BOX! thats BOX material!!!! BOX BOX BOX!!! I love box....
  16. yay!!! i think i like the box too ;)

  17. ok dear. consider it as good as done. where do you want the licking tho?

    the box.
    gottit. ;)

  18. looks like digit has some unforseen competition.....:D

  19. no one should argue with the box. the box has infinite knowledge about how to please women ;) all you can do is learn from the box, and use that knowledge for goodness.
  20. luckily we're all 18+ here on the city (yeah right) so this half diguised (dear i say it) sexual innuendo shouldn't make any moderators blush too much. but if moving the thread to the box to get the really juicy hickup-cures, be my guest :)

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