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I got TERRIBLE weed.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by roorfan05, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. I've been buying from this guy for about 6 months. Normally i get high grade weed, but this time i paid 20 a g, but when it was delivered by his "friends" it was absolutely terrible weed. It was dark green, smashed, and i could barely break it apart. Should i bring it up and say something or should i let it slide, since i normally get good weed?
  2. Just confront him, don't demand your money or anything, but just point it out. Like...
    "Hey, the other day when you sold me that bag, it was a lot worse on quality then the usual stuff you sell me."
    Maybe he'll explain, maybe he won't. If he isn't cooperative just find a new dealer, which is easy if you have friends who smoke
  3. Smoke it first. 20 a g is pretty high so I'd be expecting some dank too, depends on your location though
  4. Why would you pay for it once you saw it? Or why would you pay for anything before you got to look at it?
  5. Don't buy from them again and move on.
  6. I live in Houston, tx. Ill try it like you said and if its bad I'll confront him. :/
  7. Regardless, I'd confront him. The deal is done and over with, so you probably screwed yourself here but.... maybe his "friends" swapped it out with something they had so they'd get better bud.

    Sounds like you got some brick weed. Only worth about $5/g if you're paying $20 for dank.
  8. dude most dealers (ive encountered) aren't dumb and are legitimate businessmen.

    that being said, your dealer probably knew full well he was selling you a shitty sack for full price. so chances are he doesn't respect you very much.

    if i where you i'd call him ASAP and let him know you want the good shit or you'll take your business elsewhere. don't let anyone stiff you like that - charging full price for crap is pure bullshit. especially if you've been a loyal customer to him for 6 months
  9. Tell him that it was a sack of sh!t.
  10. Don't be a pussy, if the weed is bad, tell him the weed is bad.

    Edit: if someone else brought you the weed besides the dealer, there's always a possibility that your sack got switched.
  11. tell him you wasnt impressed with the shit gear and just look at the deals from now on before you hand over cash and walk off
  12. can we get pictures or perhaps a short video?
  13. #13 Timotonx, Jan 5, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2013
    An other possibility is that his "friends" just kept the dank and gave you their shitty weed... you better go ask him, then make a decision according to his answer.
  14. I would say you should let it slide...if it happens again then I would say something for sure. But politely and dont make it seem intentional.

    and like others have said maybe it was the "friend" that ripped you off. and kept the good bud or something.
  15. so glad I'm past the stage of having to find a "dealer",

    Washington State is the shit!!!
  16. Dude said he's been buying fire from this guy for 6 months. Why would he expect it to change all of a sudden??

    If my normal guy said he needed money up front I would do it in a heartbeat. If he was just "some guy," then of course, never pay up front, but that's not the case here.
  17. ^^This.

    If he's been straight with you for 6 months, no reason to assume he is gonna screw you. He should know if his friends are fucking with his deals though, so hit him up politely.
  18. Exactly what I was saying lol
  19. Ive never had bad weed that was hard to break up its usually really easy

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