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I got temporary paralysis after first dab

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by HungryForWater, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. I'm sure everyone has seen that video of the kid who freaked out over his first dab...well i had a very similar experience. My friend dabbed me out in his truck for the first time, boy lemme say i got high as shit but about 20-30 minutes later I was happy and going about my business.(i'm diagnosed with depression and anxiety and i often have unwanted thoughts that make me feel sad or down) so i was sitting on my bed and i suddenly thought about a break up i recently had with a girl i was with for a very long time and it kind of brought my mood down, and next thing i know i'm sitting on my bed staring onto the floor. my fan was on and i heard it very loudly, it started to get louder and louder until it became a very intense buzzing and ringing noise in my ear. then that's when the paralysis started; i noticed i could not move no matter how hard i tried. everything felt like a dream and i was completely frozen and so confused and scared. i wasn't aware of time so i didn't know exactly how long it was but it was for a bit. then finally my body snapped out of it and it felt like i got shocked, i literally physically jerked my whole body and i don't remember much after that. I'll definitely be dabbing again it's better than tree but i just need to know if anyone knows what this is because it really was scary and different. thanks.

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