I Got Sunburnt As Fuck Today

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  1. went to the beach and had my shirt off.  i didnt think it was that hot but the sun was real strong i guess.  like 5 hours later my shoulders start hurting like fuuuck.  i dont know how im gonna sleep.  the shoulders always get the worst.  anyone else sunburnt this june?  its nice to get some color though as im the type that gets sunburnish tan instead of just red

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    Ever since I got sun poisoning, I only take my shirt off when I get in the water. I've had a broken arm, but I would say the sun poisoning was the worse of the two. I had my shirt off all day with no sunscreen. The hurting and the itching afterwards was so bad I thought about going to the emergency room to see if they could do or give me something. Missed 2-3 days of work because of  it.
  3. I know what you mean, i went frisbee golfing/smoking with some friends for like 5 hours and got a lot to much sun  :cry: . Was fun though :smoke:
  4. I know what you mean dude, I totally feel you
  5. Wait no I use sunscreen
  6. I went to St. Petersburg, Florida like 5 days ago and I forgot to put sunscreen on my chest. Needless to say my chest is like beet red and starting to peel now haha. I put a ton of aloe vera on it tho so it doesn't hurt to bad now.
  7. sucks
    ur gona need to put some type of lotion on it.
    aloe works great. go to the grocery store in the produce section and get some off the plant
  8. I am a ginger so sunscreen or not im burning. I am currently burnt i worked in my yard for like 3 hrs on with just a wife beater on and its horrible
  9. I love being native american i rarely ever burn!
  10. I got burnt really bad a few months ago while hiking in the snow for 7 hours. I was very red and it was painful. Get some lotion called after sun or something with aloe in it and keep moisturizing.
  11. Shits awful.
    I got sunposioning on a cruise ship so I basically was on a fucking cruise and didn't enjoy it.
    But as for being sun burnt in June right here brotha. My arms look like a lobster.

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