i got sucker punched tonight

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  1. my and 3 friends (1 guy 2 girls) where sitting in the wood in a big clearing i am smoking a bowl and my friends got a cooler full of beer. Then a group of like 20 16 year olds came over close and ohe lunges at me when i am hitting a bowl and punches me in the eye. and the one girl filped shit and chased them down the hill and she got in her car and chased them around the lake in her car. this was one crazy night
  2. Wow that sucks, you definatly should have kicked the shit out of them if there weren't so many of them.
  3. should have kicked the shit out of atleast 1, regardless
  4. Theres only one way to teach a 16 y/o d-bag a lesson. Your fist must be the teacher.
  5. fuck that they were probably just some straight edge kids trying to prove something, I dont care how young they were i wouldve broken some bones
  6. i would have thrown the hardest elbows and knees those kids had ever seen
  7. Did you just st there after you got punched or did you chase after em?
    I woulda kicked the shit put of em.
  8. I would try to fight twenty of them, but end up getting my ass beat...

    Who hear can honestly (2 boys + 2 girls vs. 20 16 year olds)? Not all 16 year olds cant fight.
  9. I doubt there really were 20 of them. Maybe 10 tops. But yeah I woulda fought. I'm not gunna let some punk try and be a badass and disrespect me. Especially if I'm with a couple girls.

    What the fuck kind of man stands by and lets girls get disrespected? Or lets the girls chase off the attackers.... :laughing:
  10. hahaha when i read this i saw "you must fist the teacher" :laughing: :smoking:
  11. are you kidding me
    and you didnt do anything
    to some 16 year olds.....? man......
  12. To put this in the simplest terms:laughing::laughing::laughing:
  13. I would have beat his ass then while he was down, put my joint out on his face
  14. Did she ever catch them?
  15. i bet half of yall sayin "id beat his ass blah blah" would have bitched out.:rolleyes:

  16. Everyone is a bad-ass on t3h iNt3rn3tz :cool::devious::cool:
  17. dude that sucks, but most teenagers are fucking wimps.

    Me and 2 buddies took out a gang of about 7 16-17 year olds. they were all emo's and shit.

    First two went down in one punch to the face, i mean come on......

    Plus, THEY STARTED IT OMFG!!!!!!

    sorry, i just domed a bowl to myself, trying to get over my hangover.
  18. sorry i forgot some details when she got in the car so did i and i chased down like all of them down but they went in to the woods. when she was driving i got out of the car and tackled like 3 of them at once started punching and kicking them then she stopped and came over with a tire iron and she was so serious about hitting them but i stopped her cause i wasnt looking to kill the kids that where just standing around. i wanted the kid that hit me but he ran home to daddy. if i didnt have like 5 grams on me and already smoked like 3 grams to my face i would of went to the cops but we had 2 bowls and a cooler full of beer. his daddy threatend to kill me if i dont drop it and the next day i got a bunch of firends and we just sat outside of the kids house and tonight i think i am going to get even more of my friends and just sit outside of this little mother fuckers house. he better never walk alone again
  19. yeah no shit man.. i was 6'5 250 when i was 16. could hold my own.. but since i was 16 everyone on the internet could of kicked my ass. :rolleyes:
  20. i would have shown how mature i was and would have taken another hit =]

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