I got stoned and bought a bunch of stuff. Help me make a mix pleeease

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    So the title says it all. My area is covered in pine straw and leaves, constantly at risk of being submerged when it rains, and it looks like straight clay and sand when you dig in a dry spot. So I'm stuck using containers. Which leads to a pain in the ass year of lugging buckets of water.

    With that said, I was too broke and too late to order seeds, so I'm using bag seed, which had always worked well in the past but it sucks raising males. I'm just giving you the idea, this is a cheap operation.

    So here's the situation. In order not to get root bound, I'm assuming I need at least 4-6 gallon pots. I'm also needing 10-15 plants just to be sure to get a decent amount of females. So now I'm looking at 15 plants x 5 gallons = 75 gallons of soil. I refuse to buy 75 gallons of fox farms ocean forrest.

    I went to my local shop, and wanted the ocean forrest, so I bought some thinking I could cut it down and use it as part of a mix of some sort... idk...

    Here is what my high, indecisive ass bought:

    2 Bags of FFOF
    1 Bag of earth worm castings
    Dr. Earth Bat Guano
    Dr. Earth Kelp Meal
    Fox Farm Marine Cuisine
    Gigantic bag of perlite
    Big bail of peat

    What to do??
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  3. So this will work? I haven't grown like this in soil outdoors in over 5 years and was winging it.

    I was thinking of going back and getting some lime to keep the ph in line, or is that a waste?

    So, I'm thinking of taking and throwing a mix of things into one part... like 1 part peat moss, 1 part perlite, 1 part ffof, 1 part earth worm castings. After I blend that in, I'll mix the recommended doses of the ff marine cuisine, Kelp Meal, and bat Guano.

    This doesn't seem like to may be a little too hot?
  4. I've been thinking, I think the marine cuisine, Kelp Meal, and bat Guano need to be mixed at 2/3 the recommended dosage because I'm mixing it in my blend that will contain 1 part ffof which already has a lot of this. I just want to ensure I do not burn anything.

    I'm guessing I wouldn't really have to fertilize this mix untill flower time or at least a couple months into veg, right?
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    finding quality compost was the hardest part..
    Home depot.


    This is the heart of your soil and skimping on quality here will give you endless heartbreak down the road..
    50 pounds of pony chow alfalfa from the local feed and tack is about 15 dollars.. An excellent low cost soil amendment.. I like the larger 3/8ths size as it's a bit more coarse a milling..

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  6. So your saying what I have will not work? I was hoping the ffof mixed with all the other ingredients taken into 1 part of 3 would do the trick...

    The store I got all this from has some cow shot compost, how would that work?
  7. After reading the link you provided, it says that you can use EW castings, or compost, that both isn't required. So I think my two large bags of ffof, mixed with one bag of EW castings should substitute for the compost mixture, correct?
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    It's not rocket science and you have a lot of leeway. My first mix had a bunch of FFOF but I've gradually gotten away from using that. Use both good compost and worm casting..

  9. Wlell, unfortunately this was kind be last minute, and I live in the middle of no where so I was amazed my redneck locall store even carried what I managed to find.

    So is there any seen issue by anyone with me doing this:

    Main Soil:

    1 part FFOF
    1/2 Part Worm Castings
    1 Part perlite
    1 part peat moss


    Marine Cuisine 1tbsp per gallon
    Bat Guano 1 tbsp per gallon
    Kelp Meal 1tbsp per gallon

    I will mix this up, transplant fromyou red cups straight to these in the woods.

    Hopefully you guys tell me this will definitely work, and I can start figuring out how the hell I'm going to get water to my spot..
  10. Kelp meal, Alfalfa pellets, can both be used at a rate of 1 cup per cubic foot of soil.(about 7 gallons) so you need way more amendments.. Go light on stuff like guano and manures unless you have a month or so for it to mellow-cook-cure-rest say half a cup per CF otherwise your good to go.. In your travels keep an eye out for things like rock dust and Neem meal, Crab shell meal.. It's not a must have more a I'd be nice to have..
    Your dry fert follow label directions but go easy-minimum ratios as cannabis is a light feeder compared to most fruits, veggs and trees..

  11. Okay, so I think I've found somewhere new that I can plant directly into the ground. I'm sure the soil there isn't great, so I plan on making my mix and adding just a small part of the natural soil to the mix possibly. This depends on how large I dig the holes.

    Can I plant two plants per hole just untill I know the sex? Once flowering begins I would only have one plant per hole. I just want to increase my chances of having one female in each hole...
  12. I wouldn't as it'll give you 2 substandard plants.. If you get 2 girls in the same hole it'll be less then ideal..
    I know it's twice the work but that's the fun of regular unsexed seeds.. I've got about 50 beans sprouted for summer that are unsexed.. LOL still not sure how this is going to play out..
  13. Thanks for your help so far!!

    I didn't realize how many gallons a 2x2x2 hole would take, I now have 8 of them. Working with what I had, the natural soil wasn't bad so I amended about 5 gallons of regular soul, and added about 10 gallons of my peat perlite mix and divided up the foxfarms and worm castings. I also mixed in the marine cuisine. The holes are a few inches below the ground level so I'm going to buy some organic compost for each hole to blend in and fill up.

    I understand not wanting 2 plants in a hole, but what about for veg only and cut it at ground level if male, and even female. If I have 2 females in the hole, I'll cut the less healthy as soon as I can tell the sex. I just have these damn 50 gallon holes, and would hate it to all be for a male.

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