i got some questions about the site...HELP PLEASE!!

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by dmb1357, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. ok first off its free to be registered right...?
    and second is it safe to order from here?, my parents would be pissed if they found the package
  2. It's safe to order from here.. No one can stop any one at your household from seeing the package but you..
  3. but the thing is that i know of an abandoned house that still receives mail, could i put that address in with my cash instead of with my address and i could walk to the other house and get it?
  4. It seems like it's not worth the effort, if I were you I would just have an eye on the UPS (i think that's what they use) for the time period that it should be coming. Check the tracking number to give you a better idea. You probably could order to the abandoned house, unless the package needs to be signed for by someone over 18(a little help here?). Otherwise, they usually just leave it there.
  5. would the package fit through the letterbox of this other house?

    sorry, if your in the states, will it fit into the mailbox?

    as far as i know it's only the more expensive grasscity items that need to be signed for........Peace out.........Sid

  6. Getting caught taking mail from a box that isn't yours would be a federal offence...
  7. just open a po box. its cheap also

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