i got some OG kush at 2am

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by green_machine_x, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. so my friend calls me at like 2 am and i was like wuts up,and he was like wanna get faded?and i was like hell ya,so i said ill call him back in 5 mins,so i put a basket ball where my head should be on my bad and some pillows for my body,and a note saying b back soon encase i got caught,i walked all the way to the park(a good 10 blocks away) and we smoked a couple bowls,and let me tell you,this shit was sooo good,fuckin fucked me up!:smoking:i was stoned off my ass.then we proceeded down the way to his car,we smoked a blunt,hot boxed that shit fo sho,then we walked to ralphs grocery store and we got some bomb ass chocolate muffins and chocolate milk,anyways,i got high as shit,and i bought a dub off him,he offered me it for free,but he smokes me out ALOT like everyother day,so i felt bad and i bought it off him and ya,....but anyways i was walking home and i got paranoid and i swear to god this dodge viper was following me, so i kept hiding bhind trees and plants till i go to my house then i got into my car and sat there for a few mins and watched the car drive past my house...he really must have been folowing me cause they drove bye 3 more times,anyways,i got home and i got busted,i walk in and bam,the alarm goes off,turns out she found out i left about 15 mins after i left and turned the alarm back on....fuckin bitch,anyways,,,,i got super high,and i might start slangin:Dsorry it was so long...but yea,that was my early morning
  2. Haha the basketball trick is classic. Sounds like a good friend just offering you a dub of some OG kush at 2am.
  3. yea,but the guy really really does do it alot,and ya know i had the money and i dont wanna be labeled as a mooch,plus he just lost his job and i dont wanna see like some charity fag or wut not but the guys had a shitty ass week
  4. NICE.
    haha one time i slept over my cuzins pad and we dint get much sleep cuz I had some FREE ThC Oil and he had like a dime . anyway we spark up in his rooom and burned in his chillum it was sweet.

    but then we didnt go to sleep so around 4 oclock in the am comes i call my guy. He lived two blocks away and i was willing to bust the tiny mission. but he was down to deliver. he came and only then i realized i only had 17 bucks (broke ass cuzin fuckin up) and my guy says its cool. and hands me TWO FAT NUGGS the smell was Dank O Fucking' licious. :D

    the suckky part about it was my uncle knocked on the door due to the smell. we got busted. (well he did. but it was just awkward for me to go over there since my mom knew i smoked an backed US up.):hello:
  5. That's cool you paid him for it. If I was offered free bud from one of my friends I would take it and throw them an equally nice and better sack whenever they wanted to chill next.

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