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I Got So High My Eyes Turned Back To White?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Zutery, May 26, 2013.

  1. So last night I smoked like 6g to my dome of dank... and I got so high, that my eyes were turning white..

  2. or, you were so high, that you thought you eyes were turning white....
  3. You're slowly turning into a ghost.
  4. Im glad i dont go through bud that fast! lol 
  5. Yeah dude it sucks, I smoke like 10g a day.
  6. Someone needs a t break or buy better bud haha
  7. you smoke 10 g's/day. Holy $@!T.  I thought I needed to medicate :smoking: 
  8. You smoked 6 grams and all you're worried about was what your eyes looked like?
  9. I highly doubt 10gs a day, someone with that poor of grammer can't be making enough to support that habbit.
  10. Or he gets so stoned from smoking ten grams a day that he cant type properly :p
  11. Dude I smoke the 10 a g the shop has.. Purple Chem Dog 5 g for $40 and sometimes I get the Blue Dream, same price. On some occasions I get the Skywalker. $20 a gram. BOMB SHIT THOUGH
  12. But I usally buy it by the oz i pay 150 an oz.
  13. Says the kid with a zero in his name...
  14. that's an oz every 3 days which i find to be HIGHLY unlikely that's 150 per 3 days multiply that by 10 for 30 days in a month and that's 1500 dollars per month on just weed, multiply that by 12 for a year and that's $18000. per year. for weed. What job do you have where you can buy that much weed, and have enough free time to smoke all that weed?
  15. @OP doubt it  :rolleyes: 

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