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I got seeds now what do i do

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by KiLleR GreEn, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. hey i live in CA in the vally and its just ending summer as u kno it but anyway i wanted to grow a plant or 2 out doors. I dont kno much aout growing. i got plenty of seeds but i just need to kno what to do..
    thx lates
  2. so u think i can get some bud out of it or just wait till next year cuz i got a shit lload of seads
  3. its not that bad and the Fall doesnt kick in 4 a wile so its still very very hot out and problly wont get much cooler..
  4. wait till next year...
  5. Well if you have a shit load of seeds, germ a handfull and plop them out. If they grow..great, if not wait until next spring.
  6. I would just wait till next spring after the last frost. Germ the seeds in your house and put them under some floros in solo cups after they pop. Give them at least a week to give htem abetter chance outdoors. when your ready to bring them out put anothersolo cup on top and tape it to the bottom cup with the plant and soil in it adn throw a bunch of these in your backpack and head out to the spots that you picked and already prepared. if you never grew befoe teh basics are olw water when teh soil isnt heavy (at most every 3 days in the cups as long as the plants are under 6") and only fert once every other week while in flower with some 15-30-15 and mabey once or twice total with some 10-10-10 while in veg. practice growing now in your house with 2-3 plants and just keep them rootbound in small pots and bonzai them, sex teh clones tehn pick out the females and ditch the males. If you take your time now adn grow in fall and winter in your house to you can have 100% confirmed female plants next year.
  7. hey thanks 4 the help im goin try to plant some and save some and c what it turns out like ill keep u guys up dated lates

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