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i got screwed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WookiesAreCool, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. my friend was caught smokin marijauana today, and now his parents know that a friend and i smoke pot, we are very afraid that they will call our parents. the thing that pisse me off is that my friend might get me caught, not me. this is so stupid. ANybody know a good way to deny to your parents that you smoke. thanks. i need help
  2. just say the buddy was trying to get some blame off of him, so like a child he said "... uh... Tommy does it too!!!"

    (i understand your name probably isnt tommy, insert any name you please)
  3. When they ask if you smoke pot, act really angry and say, "God, I'm so sick of people assuming I do marijuana (be sure to say "do marijuana") just because I hang out with _______."

    But if I were you, I'd just admit it. it feels better than lying, and it saves you trouble in the long run, believe me. But for many people that's not an option. So do what feels right.
  4. ya tell the truth,its soo much better than lying, i showed my mom my bong yesterday and its so much easier to not have to make up an excuse for having a backpack when its really not needed lol. The funny thing was that after i shwoed it to her she told me she already found it but meh it feels much better and makes life like < ______________________> that much easier
  5. Of course, it's better in the long run just to admit it up front. However, if I were in your shoes, I wouldn't admit shit.

    I would say something to the effect that he's just trying to get you in trouble to cover his back.

    But, man, what an Ass, if you get in trouble you need to just keep your mouth shut.
  6. Thanks for the support, my name is jeff, haha, but i am friends with his sister, so i had some inside info, which is how i found out in the first place. Well, his sister said i wouldnt be getting a call. I hope this is true. I cannot tell my parents the truth, they are freaks about this. So right now lying is my only option ot live in my house. Haha. i hoep this passes so i can continue on my adventures with pot.
  8. hey man just be like bitch its my life. jk my mom knows i smoke cause she used to smoke all the time and probably still lights up occasionally. hey she says its my life and as long as i dont screw it up shes fine. i dont steal and i work and get honor roll in school so its fine with her. my dad on the other hand is one crazy mother fucker when he first learned that i smoked he was about to kick me in my face no lie. but that was because i had fucked up real bad. if you can trust one of ur parents just tell that one and they will take care of it. lying will just piss them off even more so i would just tell the truth.
  9. first off, never smoke with the friend that named you again unless he's one of your smoking family then id give him one more chance. that or else if he continues to smoke pot, and he ever gets any through you, rip him off a few times to pay him back for narking on you. eye for an eye.

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