I got robbed from a weed shop?

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  1. I went on holiday to Amsterdam with a few friends and I was in a cafe and decided to buy 1 gram of afghan kush. It cost €12.50 and I handed a €20 to him. When I was waiting on my change the guy told me to get the hell out the shop? Didn't give me the weed or money back what the fuck. 2 security people forced me out cos I got angry at the guy for telling me to get out. He didn't even take the weed out the jar just told me to get out when I asked for it

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    Amsterdam lol. Here in L.A., the place would have been burnt to the ground and all the weed stolen lol.
     Gang bangers be callin up thier homies to fuck shit up and get real with it
  3. sounds like a weed Nazi...dont need people treating weed like that.....fuck amsterdam!! the place is overated only cause weed is legal there...sorry but i think North America stomped all over amsterdam on our variety. only thing amsterdam has that we dont...are mushrooms. other then that. fuck that place...probably infiltrated by the Isis. thats why he treated you like that, hes an isis lol ;)
  4. I had planned on going to Amsterdam this year, until I found out that my plane ride plus hotel stay = $2,500.00 (not including food or bud goodies). Went to Denver instead, stayed at a condo through a bed and breakfast service for two weeks for less than $1000.00. Everything included (even 14 grams of great weed).
  5. Yep nobody says I want to go to Amsterdam anymore in the U.S., it has been replaced by "I want to go to Colorado".
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    Good example. Thanks on the prices ranges to. Id always just drive to colorado and then back home all in one shot. I want to stay for like a good 2 weeks next time. 1000$ isnt too bad for a vacation price. But yeah amsterdam isnt worth it anymore, deep down i know our shit will blow them away. if we had a contest on who had the better shit...we would win. I dont even think Amsterdam has concentrates lol. if they do...its probably just QWISO lol ;)
  7. I would love to go to Colorado but I couldn't afford it. I live in uk and to go to there I'm sure it would cost more than Amsterdam

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  8. What shop was this?
  9. Yeah my good buddy went to Amsterdam and he said he was very disappointed in the weed they offer at cafes. He said it was barely mids, just good enough for tourists, terrible for hobbyists. Good bud exists in Amsterdam but must be sought out.
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    This is all I want to know 
  11. I'll go back tommorrow I'll update you

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    Thanks brotha, dont forget
  13. Thats terrible.

    I used to want to go to amsterdam. My goal now is to get good enough to enter a cup someday!

    But ill start with smaller ambitions, in the states.

    Amsterdam to me, seems kinda played out, but i havent been there and my opinion is ignorant.
  14. most of them mainly have regular hashish, iceolator hash/bubble hash, rarely butane extractions. 
  15. ya i hear the bud is pretty low q in Amsterdam but the hash is what you want to get from there
  16. went back today. Shop Is called ambitious dreams. Police checked cctv and interview him got my money back but fuck that shop absoulute asshole

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  17. id only pass through amsterdam on a weed tour and focus almost entirely on chtistiania. sadly, we arent in the hippy trail days anymore so idk what a tour would even focus on these days sadly. most of the places are very anti weed now, not to mention conflicts in the later areas of the trail.
  18. There would be no way i woulda been pushed outa that store, security guards or not.
    Sucks tho dude. feel for ya

    WOW, i like the sounds of this, could you PM me the link to this place?
    highly intrested :)
    safe man!

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