i got robbed by my boy

Discussion in 'General' started by umpz, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. i dunno what the fuk to do this dude took my 400 dollar sheldon black bong and is duckin all my calls now, thought we were boys...i even let him use my gsxr 600 k6 which he fukin wreckd when he got coked out over summer...hes wit fresno bulldogs an i cant do shit about it...fuk im so mad..smokin some gdp to calm my nervs..
  2. Sounds like a douche.
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  3. fresno bulldogs that like a smaller local gang? and confront him all u can do honestly dont be a bitch get whats yours
  4. he livin in san jose rite now...i dunno where to find this fuckin guy
  5. i know where he works tho >=]
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  6. then he prolly aint your boy n you got played sorry to hear man all u can do is find a way :smoke: up n chill move on forget it n forget broke ass people like him who need to steal forreal
  7. He took your bong? What do you mean? You gave it to him to borrow and he didn't give it back, or he just straight up stole it? Whatever the case, he sounds like a piece of shit. He sounds like a little bitch who needs a bunch of his boyfriends to protect him, hahahaha.
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  8. Sorry dog he was never your friend from the beginnin....Dont call em friends till ya know em.
  9. i had the bong in my case i got from stuffd pipe by the door cuz i was goin to my cousins to smoke out he says he needs to take a piss downstairs and take off to his girls so i said cool he went downstairs i stayd in my room smkin and my wife saw his ass take off wit my case and jet
  10. yea..im really confused i thought we was boys...since 5'th grade..im 26 now...im heated..i appreciate the support tho every1
  11. Shows you that you can't trust anyone man, let alone some scumbag gang bangers bro. Take it as a learning experience, and surround yourself with decent people.
  12. good luck man keep us updated maybe he set up a surprise doubtful but maybe just keep faith in the 0.01%
  13. So he straight up stole your shit... wow, what scum. I don't know whats worse, the feeling of something being stolen from you, or the feeling of a so called "friend" blatantly stealing from you. That guys an idiot, and he deserves punishment.

    I would have kept my piece in my room, or somewhere safe and only would have taken it when I was actually leaving. Lesson learned, but that doesn't mean he can steal your shit and get away with it.

    You could call the cops. You might think thats a bitch move, but man, thats an expensive piece, this is something you should NOT let go. This guy shouldn't get away with that. I doubt the cops can be of much help, but at least they'll have his name and will be looking for him in case they find him. He came into your house, and stole something from you, that's not right. Either call the pigs, or take it into your own hands.

    If you call the cops and report it stolen, report that it was clean and there was no use of marijuana (if they ask). That way if they find the guy, they won't be able to come at you for resin in it, they'll have to assume it was the guy who stole it. All you gotta do is tell them you had a water pipe (call it a water pipe) that was expensive, he came in, took it and left. Its up to you if you wanna do that though, if you don't, take it into your own hands and do what you have to do...
  14. he was my partner for all my grow...hes the only person in the world besides my wife that knows about everything i do EVERYTHING im scared hes gonna call the cops on me with a tip or someshit if i try anything at all
  15. some people are just not right in the head
  16. As long as you aren't growing now in your house, then he can't prove shit. He can tell the cops all he wants, and they'll probably think its just because he got caught, so he's trying to bring you down. Unless he can prove it, then you're safe.

    You have the upper hand. Hopefully you have a receipt for the piece, if you do, then you can PROVE its yours. All you'd have to do is tell them the guys name, and explain what happened. Tell them he walked in to use the bathroom, you trusted him, and he stole the case that contained a $400 water pipe.

    They might not even get involved in paraphernalia, but if you insist it was a water pipe and was used for tobacco, and not marijuana, they can't refuse to help you. If you admit to smoking marijuana from it, then they won't do shit for you. If you be smart, and stick to your rights, and use the proper words, like tobacco, and water pipe, they have to help you.
  17. i had the reciept stapled to the cardboard case it came in on the top fold he has it with him the only thing i can think of is countering him with another bitch move and callin his work telling them to test him for meth to get him fired
  18. I would be concerned he might sack your grow.

    Do not report him that is stupid.
  19. he prolly did you dirty because he has another drug habbit other than weed
  20. i almost never took my sheldon out so i jus kept the reciept on there...thinking back on it i wish i just put it away the idea of calling the cops on him is a really good idea and my girl suggested the same thing last night but with him having my reciept too i dont know how to prove shit besides pictures of me with it from my cell phone but then its just showing me smoking..

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