I got robbed 150 by grasscity, help me

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  1. dude RELAX lol.
    thats how long it usually takes anyway. 
    Plus, are you taking into account the huge delays because of christmas and new years? the post offices close during the holidays and people are sending mail like crazy at the same time. 
    Just wait a bit more, you'll get your stuff lol

  2. Yea, Its very likely it never made any real progress especially xmas and new years coming out of another country plus add customs! its likely its hasnt seen much since the beginning of the month if anything most progress should happen in the past week Its likely its only a week or two out
  3. Grasscity be like a sucker is born everyday and don't ship lol

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    My seeds routinely get here from europe in about 7 to 14 days and have tracking info. A month is simply unacceptible in my opinion. I would just file for a chargeback and let my credit card company deal with gc. These threads come up all the time, and it doesnt appear that there is any interest in improving customer service. Why people keep ordering from them from the U.S. mystifies me. Plenty of good sites local. Youd be hitting your new bong and chilling by now instead of wondering where your package is and getting blown off.
  5. I waited 2 months for a peice that eventually came. funny thing about it the peice i ordered with my friend a day prior came super fast so i wasnt too butt hurt, still was a long wait wondering if it got fucking seized 
  6. delayed gratification is a healthy practice
  7. You're an idiot. Before you flex your e-peen, you did receive a timeframe of delivery, right? And I'm sure it stated it could take a while, right? Grow up. You can easily see every post of how they take forever sometimes for shipping. If you want something done right, do it yourself. You should have grown a pair and gone to a smoke shop. If you can't then I do indeed feel sorry for you.

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  8. I ordered from GC and my purchase took around a month to arrive. Apparently it came from Europe and I only chose standard cheap-o shipping.

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  9. Yeah, man, they suck. The whole enterprise.

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