i got ripped off. what should i do?

Discussion in 'General' started by 1 Eyed Toka Guy, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. my "friend" called me up the other day tellin me he had some good shit to buy. i accepted and he said hed be over around 4:30. ok, thats fine. later, he calls up and says the weed isnt green weed but its not brown weed. ok, i thought i had smoke some bad weed before and this wasnt gonna be anything. about 5 he get here and i give him the 30 bucks. he THEN says he hasta go back home cause his friend wanted to buy some. ok... whatever; i believe him. 2 hours later, im gettin pissed off. he finally calls and is on his way. he gets here and pulls out a sack of dirty lookin shake but i didnt think it was gonna be too bad. then, he takes some sayin part of it was his. err...

    i take it over to my friends house and him and all his friends laugh at the weed and reminisce about the dirt weed. me and a friend try it out and its nasty and last night, i smoked some, thinkin it mighta been just a bad bowl and it made me sicker than a dog. it hurt also.

    im callin this fool up tommorow and bitchin him out. i wanna do more, but im a whimp who cant defend hiself.

  2. first of all, dont be saying youre a wimp and shit...grow some balls. it doesnt matter how big you are...if youre down, youre down. get a hold of this fool, arrange to meet him somewhere to get some more bud off him and just poppin that fucker in the face if youre that pissed off about it
  3. I am sure there is a way to settle this without breaking his face :) just be like this is shitty weed and get your money back....

    always inspect your weed before you pay for it
  4. When you gave him the money and took the weed, you were accepting what you got. There's no "be high and happy or get your money back" guarantee in the weed world. You could have looked at it and said "No way, dude!" (Which is something everyone should do when given a bag of just shake.)

    We all get chumped at least once. Just be glad it was only 30 bucks and you didn't get taken for the price of a QP, a half or a pound. Live and learn.
  5. Well all my dealers are my friends so if they would ever hook me up with bad weed I would just MAKE them give my money back :)
  6. (real)Friends don't sell friends bad weed, though. :D Hopefully that goes for all of us.
  7. Don't front the cash. People can be snakes when it comes to weed and money. Did I mention to never front?

    I learned the hard way... it's a partial cause of my paranoia.

    The dude will get what's coming to him.

    I've restrained myself from taking justice into my own hands before, because I'd probably have a body count if I hadn't.

  8. BudFanatic...you should've mentioned to not front the cash! :D

    Seriously, though...very good point. It's also a good point about dude getting what's coming to him. Karma is a bitch and will bite you when you deserve it. Dude will get his in the end.

  9. I seem to have forgotten to tell everyone not to front the cash...ah, well. :D

    Fronting money is like gambling in vegas...you could win big, or lose everything.

    I wouldn't ever front cash to get bud, even now that I'm on an amazing dry streak...I learned a long way back that fronting was usually more successful at taking my money away and leaving me nothing.

    Edited to remove partial self-pity of budlessness.

  10. True that :D I could never sell some crappy bud to my friends..that would be like stabbing them in the back :p

  11. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth man either rip him back off or jump him from behind and beat the shit out of him since you said you cant fight have friends to back you up if your gonna jump him though

  12. thats what i thought. he was my friend but no.

  13. lol. ill try

  14. see, the thing is i had cancer and lost my eye. all my strength kinda dwindled after that and the bone marrow transplant. im not a fighter, im a pot head.
  15. If he's you're pal then just go up to him and be like "you have three choices. A.. you give me some decent chron for my dough. B.. you refund my money. and then some. or C.. i soak the shit out of you and your ride with this here water ballon."

    That's what I'd do.
  16. id say get some homeboys to jump him then

  17. Nah, man thats fucked up to bring other people in to fight your fight... if you cant kick his ass, outsmart him. you can get your money back by other means. I cant really advise you on exactly what to do, because I dont know him... just take your time and devise something clever and mean as fuck:p

    just take your time and be smart about it... dont get caught.
  18. listen man, I wouldn't consider myself a big guy by any means (5'7" 145lbs), but even I've shitkicked a fair amount of people (I used to get into a lot of fights when I was a kid, for reasons I won't get into here.)

    Here's what you do.
    - make sure you get the first punch, this will disorient him and he won't be expecting it so you may even knock him to the ground.

    - if that shot didn't get him down, then try to knock him to the ground

    -after he is on the ground get on top of him and wail away on his face (aim for the nose, it breaks very easily)

    -Normally once someone sees that their nose is busted, they're in too much shock/pain to even think about fighting.

    - then deliver you message. Something along the lines of "You ever pull that shit again, what I do next will be ten times worse."

    - go home, clean youself up and smoke.

    Now, let me add this disclaimer. This is what I've noticed works for me. I cannot be held responsible if the guy is a brawler and manages to beat the fuck out of you. or if he comes back with a bat or something. If you want to fight him, I have no power to stop you. but i suggest going a more diplomatic option first.

    I'm not a fighter either, but when my back is against the wall, I'm going to do what I have to, to get the fuck out of there.

  19. "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth man either rip him back off or jump him from behind and beat the shit out of him since you said you cant fight have friends to back you up if your gonna jump him though"

    thats a little bit ironic how i said an eye for an eye and you lost your eye that really sucks man im sorry to hear bout that i was wondering why your name was 1 Eyed Toka Guy guess now i know im glad to hear your still smoking weed after you got cancer thats the mark of a true pothead keep toking

  20. i said that because obviously this fool wont be hard to get on the ground and once youre on the ground its over. blocko if you been in so many fights you know theyre unpredictable. some people will get down and dirty on your ass, using a weight advantage and what not (pussy shit). never try to figure someone out before you fight them, just go crazy on them

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