I got really drunk the other night.... Not sure why I do these things lol

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    So this girl I have been seeing comes by my place and she was drunk this one night and she was trying to have sex with me fosho but she got mad about some situation at this other party I wasn't at and it was about some drunk guy that was blacked out. Nothing too bad happened to her she was just in a bad mood and wanted to go home so she went to walk back to her house three blocks away. 
    A minute latter I am drunkenly sprinting down the road thinking, "Fuck this I am telling this girl I love her." I haven't strait up told her that before. I ran down the street took a couple turns and I see her and I yell her name. She stops and says, "what is it?" I run up to her and say, "I think I am falling in love with you."
    "Oh god........ your drunk, hahaha you are not in love with me." I told her that I wanted to tell her this and I feel better telling her. She then says, "walk with me home." So I walked her home we talked for a bit and when I left her to say goodbye her face went red and she blushed. 
    She never said she didn't like me or anything. I mostly talked and she said a few things I caught her offguard. She said she liked it that I walked home with her.
    I have known her for 4 years. My friends told me I should ask her out. I think I am going to do it.
    What do you guys think? I really like this girl.

  2. romance the shit out of her
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    I shit it all out the upper hatch. I was so liquored up it was silly. I blacked out for 3 hours after telling this girl i like her, and I smoked a half gram of oil which I did not remember doing. I also tried to make some pasta and the girl next door had to put me in bed. All I remember is her taking me to my room with my roommate and she set my alarm for work and took my shoes and stuff off and gave me water. I felt like I was a 5 years old that was 100% vegetable didn't know how to do shit. My arms did not do what my mind was telling them. They were throwing stuff and I was trying to not throw them.
  4. I got a date with her she says she likes our friendship and values it. She is so fuckin in love with me its stupid though. I think she is worried I will break her heart and doesn't really know how much I like her. I want to date her because I like her for who she is and I have known her for a long time so I know her and I have always like her. I can pretty much tell her anything and she comes to my house when shit hits the fan for her whether its big or small.
    Congratulations man, have fun together :)

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