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I got really baked last night and got super depressed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JJmatix, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Well a little backstory ,its been 2 months since i broke up with my girlfriend of 2 years in an extremely emotionally invested relationship . .. it was a nasty breakup that left me in pieces so for the past couple months i vowed never to speak to her again and ive been doing a good job of avoiding things that remind me of her and occupying myself with other things. now i hadnt smoked for a long time so i decided to toke up for a bit on the weekend.

    i was really high, higher than id ever been and i was feelin great. but when i was listening to music this song came on that reminded me of her. immediately i froze and started thinking. i got frantic and desperate. i felt like i need to talk to my ex again and convince her to take me back and i started thinking about how she did me wrong and all my regrets and worries etc. i felt exactly the same as i did 3 days after the break-up - frantic and heartbroken. however i forced myself not to touch my phone cus i feared id text her which wouldve been a HUGE mistake.

    anyway, i sobered up and all was good. did the weed take this underlying, lingering feeling for my ex and amplify them ten fold or is this really how i feel and the weed just brought out? cus if its the latter then id feel like i hadnt made any progress since the break up . . . what do you think? I'm fairly new to smoking so i was wondering what the vets have to say . .
  2. The weed probably played a part, but i think it showed you that you wornt over her completley. next time you smoke think of all the bad things she did that pissed you off.
  3. ah. Does anyone else have any input? thanks :)
  4. Any mind-altering drug can bring things to the surface that you usually strive to keep on the down low. Listen man, this is a sign that you are not over this girl. Do something about it now that you have realized she's still preoccupying you in some way.

    Confront the feelings you have been ignoring... even if it hurts now, it's best for you in the long run. If you are sure you made the right decision and this girl has done you wrong, stick to it and be true to yourself. Remind yourself why you made the decision you did.

    If your life feels wrong without her, and you messed up by leaving her... then try and make things right or learn from that mistake. I know I'm oversimplifying things and I do not fully understand your situation, but this is all I can do. :(
  5. Yeah dude sounds like you would have felt the same if you weren't high but the weed amplified it a bit.

    Hopefully you don't think about her everytime you smoke
  6. This sometimes happens to me too, its balls. :(

    But i dont think it's entirely the bud, the bud just might bring it to the front i guess. I wouldn't do like the other guy said and think of all the bad shit she did - usually makes me alot more annoyed and anxious etc :rolleyes:

    Just concentrate on something else, or vent creatively. Also remember the impracticalities of it ever happening again and you will kind of assure yourself you're being silly.

    Hope you can enjoy smokin from now on man :smoke:

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