i got punched in the face buy the hottest girl everr..

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  1. Sorry its long, if ya don't wanna read it go to the bottom :p

    So me and my cousin were lookin for stuff to do last night as i was rolling a blunt, after thinin about it for awhile, he suggests we see a movie. So we pick a movie (wolfman) and seeing the time it starts, we go ahead and leave. On the way there i pull out the blunt and light it up, Since i live out in the sticks it takes like half an hour to get there, by the time we roll into the theatre paring lot the blunt is alll but gone, So we go in, eyes allll fucked up, and get our tickets. After we get our seats i look about 3 rows ahead and see 3 veryyy cute girls silently talking as the prievews come on the screen. I notice that the one in the middle holding a bucket of popcorn is like drop dead gorgous. So the movie starts (which suckedddd the werewolfs looked horrible, huge dissapointment) and since the movie was pretty damn violent, everytime a gorey scent would come up, the girls would scream like bansheesss *twitch* So half way through the movie i say to my cuz i have an idea and he just laughs at me still fucked from the blunt. So going two rows up i get right behind the girls making sure they notice nothing, as i wait for the perfect scene where someone is tackled by the wolf i get as close as i can without touching them and let out a deafening roar. the three girls proceed to jump out of their seats screaming bloody murder the one in the middle throws the bucket of popcorn in the air, and as the popcorn rains down she turns to me giving me a horrible look and decks me right in the face... Me being completely taken by surprise, i go down.. as my cousin is laughing his ass off behind me i start to laugh hysterically of course =) not exactly sure what happened in the next couple of minutes haha but someone had gone to get the manager and me my cuz and the three girls all got kicked out of the theatre. We all just looked at eachother and left...nothing was said at alllll.

    Haha so all in all it was a pretty stupid thing to do, but at the time i honestly coulnd't help myself. And now i have this shiney black eye to remind me of my stupidity.

    and sorry its so long if you don't wanna read it all, (went to the movies with cousin scared the shit out of some girls and one hit me in the face then got kicked out)
  2. id probably punch a guy for scaring the shit outta me like that too lol im surprised there was no conversation after that :smoking: like maybe "thanks for spilling my popcorn you fcking jerk"
  3. nice story bro
    i thought you were gonna steal their popcorn
  4. *deafening roar*

    Haha how'd you like my pick up line?
  5. was the look on their faces worth it? :D
  6. hahaha thats funny. I don't think I would even be mad if a girl punched me in the face I would think its funny. Unless she was huge and absolutely decked me or something haha

  7. Hell yes =) and nahhh i wasn't mad i mean i deserved it haha.
  8. Should've made up and kissed.
  9. thats nothing new, thats how i pick up all my chicks... but i make sure to beat my chest too.
  10. lmao, good job
  11. Hah yeahh she'd probably have hit me again lol :rolleyes:
  12. hahaha even though you got thrown out man, totally seems like it was worth it hahaha!
    wish i was there, would have died with laughter.
  13. Beats the hell out of sitting through a medicore movie and wondering what if... lol
    Good for you man. plus rep.
  14. Did you suck on her titties?
  15. Your pimp hand must be weak...You did all that and came away with no number
  16. Kids, this is what you do if you don't want a hot girl feeling on your penis.
  17. THIS is exactly why I don't go to movies anymore. First I have to pay 10 dollars, then I can't even really concentrate on the movie becuase of stupid shit like this, plus noone ever shuts teh fuck up. I don't want to hear your commentary or your phone ringing. Please stay home if you can't be respectful of others in a movie theather.
  18. haha honestly man she was way out of my league anyways, but it made it a funny night.

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