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I got profiled and pulled over by a cop

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by toroth, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. i got pulled over



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  2. forget that crap.
  3. Nope, driving high is a blast.

    And to the OP, me and 3 friends were leavin a party. Cops rolled up on us, started questioning us, and searched his car. After finding his bong they searched us and found pipes, weed, etc. As they were cuffing us, everyone else leaves the party, stumbling drunk past the cops, and proceed to drive away. The cops just watched them go. :mad:
  4. I didnt like driving high until I got my subs in. Now I enjoy driving all over again.

    No I dont have rims on my truck. I was finding the guys house and made a wrong turn then a u-turn to get back. I guess the U-turn was too suspicious. Or maybe it was all the blue lights in my truck =/
  5. How were you profiled?

  6. That's quite a story.
  7. Coming Back with 2 buddies from my upstate house(NY). It was a 2 1/2 hour ride, so what better way to make the drive better than smoking a blunt. Before we left the house i said "Make sure to put your seat belts on because the cops in the small towns will pull you over." So we're waiting to spark the blunt until we got off of the interstate. So we get off at the exit and I'm riding shotgun. As I spark the blunt and begin to inhale my friend(driver) is like "Dude We're fucking getting pulled over" Sure enough. I look in the mirror and see the State trooper quickly gaining on us. I put the blunt out with my fingers, and just so happens my shoe was off so i threw it in there and put my foot half way in.

    The trooper came up to the car and was like "Why don't you have your seat belt on son?" I just looked at my friend was was thinking "YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!!" I even told him to put it on, Dumbasss!!! :mad:. Well he got a ticket and we were on our way. It was just so scary, considering i had a quarter in my bag, but that was in the trunk.

    As we drove away i was like. "are you fucking happy? Now you got a ticket, and it could have been avoided if you would have just listened"
  8. Me n one of my old boys once were driving around with some music blastin, i had just got done sellin like a 1/2 oz , n i only had a blunt left. So we just spark this motherfucker, na cop pulls us over for havin our music 2 loud. Everything's good at first, until the other cop looks at the 1 cop and says "u smell that buddy?"... "Get out of the car you two, put your hands on the car and don't move, is there anything in the car we need to know about?" I didn' ttell them i had the blunt, should've though. And those basterds stole all my money, and my wallet. it was a good day until that shit happend.

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