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I got profiled and pulled over by a cop

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by toroth, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. abilities:

    yea i thought that up myself... they say great minds think alike :cool:
  2. why would you light it?
    wouldn't lighting a half finished blunt smell and let the cop know you were or are smoking weed? haha

    i would say light a cigarette to cover the smell
  3. pulling someone over because of how they look, basically.
  4. One time my two buddies and i were leaving school, and we made a left turn out of the parking lot. Well since we had just gotten out of school we needed a good smoke, so i pulled out the bag, and was showing my buddy the goods. Well it turns out that you arent supposed to turn left out of my school, and the SRO was standing right there. So he waved us down, and i was like "Holy Shit!" so right before he got to the window i folded the bag up, and sat on it, and my freind just closed his hands around the bud. The cop just told us not to turn left there, and then he let us go, but i was really fuckin scared.
  5. one time I was at a party and was drinkin some natti and jager and was blazin it up in front of people who arent down with smoking lol just up in their face blowin smoke like a car exaust lol and went to pick up my 3 friends who was drunk and recked in a ditch. I drove over in my jeep and tryd pulling him out whille I was in the middle of the road at 3a.m. on july 4. then I saw a cop like 300yards ahead and it was like a show down to see if i can get in my car and get away lol. and i get in my car and drive fast and the cop bout rams my car off the road so i pulled over. I had red eyes had weed on my floor from habitual use and was drunk and had a piece in the car. I get out do the testing shit fail obviously and get in the back of the cop car. the cop said if i had to throw up that he'd open the back door for me. 3min. later i feel this HUGe urge to barf and so i tell him to hurry up and so i mean 5 seconds before he can open da door i throw up two 50 pound buckets of chunks all over his door and floor lol. i was laughing and tryd to cleen it up whille handcuffed!!!! lol true story. should of seen how pissed this ginger cop was lol lol lol =]
  6. Light a blunt full of tobacco / whatever they're supposed to be filled with / not weed.

    Anyway, when I was 16 I went to my friends 'bloodlettin'. It's where everyone drinks away evil spirits on a certain day or something. it's a tradition. Well they have a huge party every year (I mean like, in the movies huge. So crowded you can barely move huge, mixed of kids and adults.) and they let their kids smoke, and in the basement with about 20 other people we rolled up like 10 joints and passed them around. Then we played beerpong, drank some liquor, basically got drunk as hell. We went outside because his ska/punk band was going to be playing. I'm outside with a cig, watching and dancing like an idiot with like 6 other kids. When I turn around and theres this bright ass light like 20 feet away from me. I kinda like wisper to anyone who can hear me and say "is that a cop?" and my friends mom was walking by at the time and shes like yeah. So I turn back around and pretend to be intrested in the music even though I'm freaking out because i'm holding an eighth and I drop my cig and while i'm going to pick it up, i feel my body shaking like hell, and I feel like i'm about to fall over and that made me freak out more thinking the cop saw he stumbling over myself. He came over to shut us down, said we were too loud and didn't say anything else. Aha I was so happy to go back inside.
  7. When I was 17 me and my two homeboys were goin to pick up some more bud and we got pulled over...the cop tells me to get out of the car, dosn't tell me what I got pulled over for, asks me if he can search my car, and I was like "man im not gonna tell you no, but im not going to give u permission to search my car" and he was like "well im gonna have to call the drug dogs then" and i was like "go for it man" and he waited like 2 mins and was like "im not even gonna call the drug dogs, im just gonna search the vehicle" and so after he completely trashes my car he finds a little metal tray and he writes me and my two friends paraphernalia tickets because apparantly that is a rolling tray(which it was...but howd he know that?) but I had a sack of weed(mine) a scale (not mine) and a vial of "opium" which is really black tar heroin like melted down and watered down into a liquid form that ppl snort(not mine) which the dumbass pig didn't find.....................:cool:

    and when I went to court I was like i used to that metal tin to carry change from my house to coinstar to get some money and the prosecuter gave me deferred judification so no penalty......:smoking:

    very very close call..... most nerv wracking situation ive ever been in

  8. thats illegal as fuck:eek:

    if you didnt give him permission to search you car he has to have probable cause

    he cant just decide..."im not gunna call the drug dogs , im just gonna search the vehicle"

    if that really did happened you got fucked over huge time
  9. #29 longhorn, Jan 9, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 9, 2009
    That is exactly how it happened..... no lie.... he said the car smelled like "smoke" but my friend in the passenger was 18 at the time and was smoking a cigarette other than that.... no cause other than that theyres there 17-18 year olds driving around at like 11:00 at night...... pigs in my town are terrible

    edit : also after he was done illegally searching my car... i was like ummm.... what did i even get pulled over for?? and he was like umm.... uh..... hmm..... u pulled up on top of the white line.... when i clearly remember being able to see the crosswalk from my incredibly reclined drivers seat so I doubt I Was even on top of the white line...(he wrote me a ticket for that as well)

  10. and guns. you forgot guns.

    i got curious just now to figure out what the standard issue pistol would be, and i found this quote on wikianswers or some shit:

    Personally, as a Deputy Sheriff, I always carried the 44 magnum, "The most powerful handgun in the world. Do you feel lucky, punk? Make my day."

    fuck him and every fascist pig like him.
  11. I love the quote in your sig...beginning with a ridiculous assertion, validating it with sarcastic hyperbole, then complete understatement of the proposed solution.
  12. Yo, don't you guys think driving high is dangerous? I would never want to drive high, and would probably bug out if the driver was... fucks up your reaction time like crazy. scary... :(

  13. idk man, it's all about what works. i know some people that can't drive stoned, but i feel like i'm playing a video game. i just have to remember that beating pedestrians to death with a lead pipe doesn't get me cool shit.
  14. ^^^ scary
  15. Do you have rims on your car?

    When I had my 20' diablo chrome rims on my jaguar S-type, i was getting pulled over 2-5 times per week.

    Once i took them off, haven't gotten pulled over in 5 months.

    Yeah rims look cool, but not worth the hassle, especially if you are moving/ carrying drugs.

  16. gta joke, son

  17. \

  18. I guess if you were new to smoking, have a very low tolerance, or just a bad driver to begin with.

    I have never even gotten a ticket and driven stoned for like idk, 25 years?

    I stay more focused, I really enjoy driving.
  19. My closest call was having cops come into my house to make me pour out alcohol (since he picked someone up who was drunk, under 21, and stated that they came from my house). I poured some half empty beers out and said that was it, but the cop pointed to a 5th on Ron Rico sitting on our beerpong table. So, I stumbled over to the table and he follows me. When I put my hand on the bottle, I noticed the better half of an OUNCE just SITTING there. On the table. Right next to the bottle. My heart stopped for a second but I guess the cop didnt see or didnt care :smoking:

    After all this, we continued to party.
  20. How exactly were you "profiled?"

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