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I got profiled and pulled over by a cop

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by toroth, Jan 8, 2009.

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    Luckily I was only on my way to pick up :p

    Had to use my body to hide my bowl so I could get my registration out of the glove box

    Whats the closest you have come with getting caught by cops? Or did you get caught? :confused:
  2. Me and my friend were driving through one of the small suburbs in my neighborhood and the lights were out so we had to stop and then go through the intersection. I thought it was a CTA guy standing at the corner... we were smoking a blunt.. the CTA guy ended up being a cop lol... he flashed his little light at us told us to stop and pull over.. i put the blunt out on my finger and stuffed it in my pocket i open the window and all this smoke comes out. he looks at me and then my friend and says u know its the law to put a seat belt on.. i was so frustrated haha all that stresss for a stupid seatbelt he told us to pull around the block and get the ticket so we did and i threw the blunt in the parking lot a block away... after we got the ticket we went back and i found the blunt... but wow did it scare me haha =D
  3. wow that sucks yo

    I've been trying to come up with ways to dodge a felony.

    If windows up: Keep a half finished blunt in your car and light it when you get pulled over so it seems as though you were smoking tobacco the whole time.

    If windows down: febreeze, eyedrops, and gum.
  4. that sucks toroth , lol but at least you got your blunt back eh!

    i was driving with my buddy back from a party and he was drunk (yes i know drunk driving is STUPID!!!!!!) and i was like well just spark a quick 2.5g bleezy while we cruis home... were driving by his street after going 120 all the way there and we see a 'ride' program down the road , so we turn left right before the cops cars and one of them gets in theyre car and starts driving the same way as us... i ripped the cherry off the blunt put my seatbelt on etc... then he put his lights on and pulled the guy in front of us over !

    talk about buzzkill
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    i hate those :cool:
    i remeber this one time i got pulled over for no reason. i was scared because i smelled like weed and had just blazed like 20 minutes before. i had just picked up my friend from sherrif jurisdiction, and cruised by one in my air ride "minority" car. they followed me about 4 miles on the freeway before finally pulling me over. i was straight by then, and had enough time to roll the windows down, and get the smell of weed off me and my car. when the officer came to the window, he said," i just pulled you over because your car looks like it needs to be pulled over":confused: well i didnt have my liscence either( i just blazed so i forgot my wallet.:rolleyes:) so i thought this is gonna be a problem. luckily, my friend is white;) and it appeared we werent doing anything wrong, so he said have a nice day and i quote" the next time you get pulled over its not gonna be such a sweet faced cop like me":confused_2:

    i had the feeling i was getting picked up on:eek:, or at least im conceited:D he even asked for my #!!! but thats becasue i had no least i wasnt ticketed for anything, and wasnt searched for smelling like weed...but wow, what a buzzkill:smoking:

  6. cta - you from chicago?
  7. I've come into some pretty close calls with the police, but never that required for me to pull over (I even have a white lighter on me at all times.. oh no!) - I really never have been caught by the police, except one time.. they just took me home for being out too late at night without my I.D. to prove I was 18 lol.
  8. Had a quarter of mushrooms once and my buddy got pulled over for a loud muffler. He asked my buddy if there were any drugs in the car. He didn't even know i had the mushies. And the cop just told him to get it fixed. Luckily our guy was no good or the car would have smelled like herb.
  9. How did he profile you? Tell us a little more

  10. yes sir =) been living here my whole life.. abs. love it... but i sure woulnd't mind going out and exploring i've been to europe and such... are you from chicago?

  11. lol thats baddd..... you shoulda told ur friend what u had... its his car.. if anything he gets fucked for it... me and some friends got pulled over this past summer..and i had some v's and bud on me... i put it on my boobs and the cop asked my friend that was driving to get out of the car.. he was like "sir u weere swerving on the road.. are you sure u havent been drinking?? " and my friend of course said no.. and really we werent... we were just lost lol we were supposed to go to indiana and ended up in michigan city haha.. but the cop was like can i search ur vehicle then? and my friend said sure.. except we didn't know that the cop had a dog!!! but he said that since we werent from around there he believed us that we were lost.. but that was only half the truth haha =P

  12. i'm in river forest - close enough for me. love this town (and the bud in it...)
  13. Me and couple of friends were rolling couple of joints before smoking them around 23pm on a friday night. The car was parked when we were rolling but the guy who was driving wanted to park the car at another location close by. When we go back to the location that we were rolling at we see a police car parked in the same spot. We were rolling joints infront of a police mans house. :S
  14. Me and my buddies were having a little get together before the pub. We're all over 18 but didn't have a place to drink, so we just picked an alley near our local and drank away. Out of the entire 15 of us, only 1 was sober. Everyone else was drunk and stoned, 2 of the guys were on acid and another 4 were on mushrooms. The cops pulled up and started going on about drinking in public... Then they started questioning one of the guys in acid! It was hilarious, all of us trying to keep a straight face while our friend was clearly seconds away from a major freakout. The searched him too, and found a piece of firelighter wrapped up in tinfoil. It was from a bad deal - some asshole sold it to him for 60 bucks claiming it was hash, but he did it in public so my friend couldn't check it out first. Anyway, the cops found this, realized what it was straight away and just laughed. They took our details and said they'd be calling our parents, which they never did. Best of all, none of us got busted, despite the fact that there were only about 4 of us who didn't have stuff on them. All in all we must have had about €300 worth of stuff on us...
  15. Once we were at an old skatepark skating.
    and we stopped to roll a blunt and had just sparked it when two cop cars pulled up.
    they were shining their spotlights on us and everything.
    so put the blunt out and sat it down a few feet away.
    they came up and said "We know what you're doing here, just be safe and turn the lights off when you leave." then they got in one of the cop cars and left the other one there for some reason.
    I guess to get people to slow down or something, but anyways that was the scariest run in with a cop I've ever had hahaha. :p
  16. He was probably looking for you. They purposely follow cars that seem to avoid those check points. Watch out next time.
  17. one night my friend was drivin and we went to go buy weed. we were both 16 at the time and had drank a couple beers. in the car by my feet was a 12 pack and a bottle of vodka, i also had a g of coke on me and my friend had 8th and a bowl. we were on a back road and i had to go pee really bad so i made my friend pull into a rental house with no one there. right as im hoppin back in the car i see a cop car on the parallel road slow down and then kinda stop. so we drive past him (it was the only way to go) and we see him do a crazy turn around in the street and start speedin up behind us. by this time i had chucked everythin out the window and stuck the g in my sock. we get pulled over and the officer asks what we were doin and my friend told him we were tryin to find the main road. thank god, the cop thinks we were breakin into the rental house and sends another officer to go look while we wait with him. the other officer comes back and says nothins wrong and he lets us go. no search, no questions about drugs r alcohal. bout 2 hours later we went back and got everythin we had chucked.:cool:
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    Sounds like you had a run in with a real "assdouche." Some cops have no honor or virtue. They are just hot air and a badge. Even if he thought you "just needed to be pulled over," he should have found something else to say.
  19. ha toroth, you do that shit? i thought that up and have always had that ready in case i do get pulled over.
  20. What city was this in?

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