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I got one of these today...

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, May 24, 2004.

  1. (o\l/o)
    to go with my...

    haha, i really need to go out less.

    Getting to many air cooleds :p
  2. looks to me like you got a beetle to go with a jeep...

    ...how far off am i?
  3. beetle to go iwth a camper, it does resenble a jeep.

    but being obsesed with vws, i see that over it first time lol
  4. way cool it is. the only irritating part is the bug that the doc bought was the exact same one i was gonna buy when i got the cash together! damn ready money...
    *sneaks over to krapp and yoinks keys*
  5. well, you can come see it whenever you want haha
  6. lol, the top one looked like a pair of tits to me, but i see the car in it now
  7. ^^^lol u werent the only one...

  8. i guess we all see what we want to see.

    ~ swear i couldnt figure it out i had to read some of the posts. But it does look like a wrangler. :)
  9. shhh, when i get somep ics 'ill post them lol
  10. wait... with all this being said... what the HELL was luke talking about in his post?? hahah
  11. he was talking about a/c man. air cooled. thats an air cooled engine like vw campers and bugs have. as opposed to a water cooled engine which most things have, damn radiators
  12. hey, you cant have my most infamous moment in your sig, thats just mean!!

    yeah hes right to, air cooled cars do kick ass

    cos even tho this cars been sat up, its dont mattter is ppl forget anti-freeze ;)
  13. i thought luke meant alternating current, nothing better than electricity goin back an fourth :p

    nah im kidding
  14. Pity about the amount of work that type one needs doing to it Krapp. oh, and I CAN use that moment in my sig if I want to! cause I was the person you were talking to at the time! ;)

  15. i thought he was meaning air conditioning when saying a/c, hah.. oops

  16. hahahahahahahahahahhahaahaaha
    <3 this thread


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