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i got one for ya

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Oct 24, 2002.

  1. well,well,well had myself quite a little adventure yesterday. i get this crazy call from a bar (not ever a good thing) and its my hubbys friends girlie. very drunk and needing a ride. well NO my man cannot come get you, but i will. i actually had to get directions from the bartender because someone was SO drunk she had no idea where she was. so im on my way to a part of town i didnt even know existed. wtf? i thought there was WATER under that bridge. so i get in the general direction and ask the first people i see if they knew where this bar was, yes duh, under the bridge...oh i see thats what viaduct means( the bartender coulda just said that)
    these guys were hanging all in and out of this car (i later learned were probably stealing it) so im back on my way now with the windows up and doors locked to pick up the drunkest person ive ever encountered. eh, also the most grateful person. imediatly she began thanking and complimenting me which quickly turned into petting and some molesting. allll on her part acourse for im still trying to mind my own buisness and DRIVE. she's bi and kinda hit on me before but NOthing like this. soon it became obvious she was not only very drunk but also just a tad out there. livin on mars to be exact. after the longest 3 hours of my life several embarassing phone calls (for she was fighting with her bf , who wasnt even at the place she called 39 times from my phone) i finally had to tell whoever it was she was talking to I was sorry for she started using my name. we'll call her mud. so here it is i had mud all over my ass (quite literally) btw lucky almost bit her, she was like honey dont be jumping all over me like that, your upsetting everyone. the KIDS were totally shocked and quite pie eyed. we need to find you someplace to GO. 39 more embarassing more phone calls before i could take her the hell do you tell a drunk mud "she's not your type?" eek!
    soon after taking her home her boyfriend shows up to apoligize eek again! jonboy its not your fault,,,.oh wait yes it is, SHE'S YOUR GAL. he says i told you she was crazy, uhhuh, its pluto where she resides 90% of the time. i was totally hoping she would forget all about her day here, but she calls crying to my man how she'ss homeless and stuff do we know why?...uh do you remember ANY of yesterday honey? i definately did my deed for the weak!!!
    two questions.....
    does this mean im NOT a lesbian?
    and what if my husband was the one to give the grateful mud a ride home from the bar im sure she was quite kicked out of?

    just so you know...:) yea im still a lesbian! kinda hehe
    and she did ask my man to take her for a smoke ride twice and begged him to take her barhopping to look for jonboy all of which he told her no.
    what a day
  2. HIGH All,

    I think I'd be staying home too!!!!!

    The "im still a lesbian! kinda hehe" I'm sure us red hotted Canadians or our BUDs to the South will love to hear that HIGHa.:)
  3. Sounds like the making of a good catfight to me!

    Was the crazy girl from Michigan???? ;)

    You are a very good person for helping the lost soul out and yes you did your good deed for the week.
  4. meow is right! i believe she could take me quite easily BUT i do run very fast.
    she's from the south darlin' but i swear i dont hold it against her ;)
  5. I've been similar's awkward as hell and the drunk person is all lovey and gushy and slurrin and all that....

    smart move going yourself...I wouldn't have let my husband go pick up some drunk chick either...

    if she laid a finger on him she'd be the one runnin....

    I hope today is better for ya than yesterday!
  6. Next time you need a drunk and horny chick picked up give me a call. I know Bud Head's home phone and I'll be happy to put him on the case. if there is anybody who can handle a drunk and horny chick, its Bud Head.

  7. That sounds like I am desperate as hell doesn't it?

    Highya, If you can't handle the women you send them my way. I can and will handel it for you!
  8. that didn't sound fun, its all done and over with now.

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