I got Narcd today

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  1. im not sure why, or how, but over the course of this week ( since monday ) I have had 6 of my good friends narcd out. Thats not the point. Here is how it went down. Lets call the person of authority A and my friend B. At about 5:30 or so A ( in a horrid voice ) calls myself and B into his office. He proceeds to inform us that multiple people have informed him about some activitys ( you know what I speak of ) that me and B have been engaging in. I ( of course ) bullshited, I told him that I had no idea what he was talking about and that I rarely even hung out with B. Here is the part that really pisses me off. Whenever I have been with B, it has always been me, B, and about 4 or so close friends. The last time that I was with B. I had another good friend with us, C. C was never called into A's office, was never informed, and still doesn't know. I dont believe for a second that it was C. I do however have somebody in mind. How do i find out if this kid narcd me out ?

    The last time I was with B, it was me C, and B. and a ccouple of C's friends that have been around us before. One of these kids acted a little differnt, out of us 6, only me B, and C praticipated in the activitys. Soon after we started this kid, I will call him F, quits talking, and just walks off. Im not sure what the other 2 kids were doing.

    My suspicion is currently leaning toward F. Any help here ?
  2. I don't think it really matters. Either way, if the guy is shady, I wouldn't hang out with him around herb. If you're sure it isn't your good friends then you're alright, just stay away from that guy from now on. Oh, and this is random, but why did you skip D and E? ;)
  3. Alright, and idk why I skipped it.
  4. Sounds like you need to beat some ass, what kind of kids are you hanging out with?
  5. this thread screams under 18... to me anyways.
  6. c final answer.
  7. If it's college that shits serious.
  8. me too
  9. Kidnap F and maybe does him with 5-20 hits of acid. Poke his eyes out and tie him to a tree deep in the woods. Pour honey and maple syrup over him and wait for him to be eaten alive by bugs (+bear?).

    *Ideas from Totse*

    need anymore?
  10. Why would anyone snitch just to snitch? That just seems stupid.
  11. I think personally you should have an A to B conversation with him and if he tries to C his way out then bring D and E to F him up....word
  12. no one in college is going to turn someone in for smoking. thats high school drama
  13. Well... he was called in at 5.30; high school isn't on at 5.30.

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