I Got My Wisdom Teeth Extracted Yesterday.

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  1. I was super loopy afterwards. I smoked two joints on the car ride home and was nodding off and shit. Then I came home, and nodded off a whole lot. This is actually probably a very boring story.
    I smoked a lot of weed and slept.
    Then I woke up the next day and went to a job interview all druggy
    but she said as long as my references are good, she'll hire me
    and she'll call me probably tomorrow or the next day
    so im pretty thrilled
    but it's all kind of been a blurr
    i just keep blurring things

    Cool story!
    Have fun with the dry sockets, you shouldn't have smoked right away
  3. Careful don't like it too much..or else.
  4. I call shenanigans on anybody being able to smoke so soon post-surgery.  :rolleyes:
  5. I wouldn't risk dry socket. That shit can be HELL and require alot of care to fix.
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    2 Joints? You defiantly have dry sockets

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