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i got my payback

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by vibud, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. ok so yesterday me and my sister threw down on 6 ounces and my mom was in cali so i couldnt but it from her(shes my normal dealer). so i went to my old dealer and the sack looked nice the buds were dense and shit and this dude use to be my homie so i trusted him so when i got home and we were seperating it the thing only wieghed 110grams and i was pissed :mad: i tried calling him and he didnt answer so today i went over to his house to start a fight and he wasnt home and his door was open :D so i went in there jacked all his weed all the weed he had was around 10 ounces it weighed out to 271.8 grams im getting my camera back toorrw and i will show pictures and thats what the dude gets for ripping me off lol...... dont fuck with my weed bitches:D:smoking::smoking:
  2. Aha! Nice one dude. I'd love to see those pictures.:p
  3. itsafuckin lie
  4. afgooey? honestly? he siad he was going to take pics. im stoked to see em bro nice job
  5. Damn ur gonna get blasted forsure dog.
  6. its no lie like i would have just fought him but he ripped my family off so i stole from him like when my sister comes over tomorrw to pick her share up im taking some pictures of the whole thing and posting them up oh and i just rolled a 12gram blunt and me and my fiance(untill july 16) are smoking it as we speak and im fucking so high :smoking:lol
  7. i would love to see this dude blast me he some kid who just grad highschool and he lives in olympia and im in seattle area he doesnt know where i live he knows my old adress but thats was in olympia

  8. damn man take pics NOW i wanna se this shit
  9. FEDEX me a blunt ASAP:D
  10. i dont have a camera she does
  11. I might have done the same thing, but idk about messing with people over drugs. Im only 18 (like your dealer) and i have multiple guns (including an AK47). You never know what he's got with him, and i wouldnt risk getting killed over 58 grams. I would have just called the cops on the kid and ruined his business.
  12. what the fuck to the post above? either way i think your gonna get fucked up by someone there haha thats a lose lose choice situation.
  13. like i said bro im not worried about it if i was then i wouldnt be posting this thing up like me personally i dont have a gun but my older brother was in the marines and he has alot of guns and he would never let anything happen to me but like i said im not worried

  14. How would calling the cops on him fuck you up? Im just saying id rather not steal unless you know this guy doesnt pack
  15. Cant wait to see pics!
    Nice man.
  16. im not 100% sure he doesnt have a gun but he doesnt know where i live and he is kind of a bitch lol. and all the weed is in its bag it looks so beautiful and im not going to have to buy for a little while man tomorrow you guys are going to be in for a surprise it looks like mids but its low dank high mids
  17. quality doesn't matter as much as how good of amount you got for free haha

  18. Well if you're sure he wont kill you, than good job! So how much do you have now exactly? 1/4 lasts me a month, sounds like you'll be well off for a year. can't wait for the pics!
  19. me personally i got 9 ounces and my sister gots 4. 13 ounces alltogether. i can make a quarter last a week buy now that i got 9 ounces im going to be smokinh a quarter a day lol not really im going to try to make this last at least 2 months aka an eighth a day sounds good right????

  20. dude doesnt matter about the guns when someone comes to your house as a friend and leaves as an enemy and ur knocked out on the floor.

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