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I got my Marinol Rx!!!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by peacebaby, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. So I haven't got a chance to get on here and share this information (I got it just before I left for a 2 week vacation in Florida, and just got back a week ago). But I had posted about it.... and I DID get a Rx for Marinol (synthetic THC) before I left. The first pharmacy I stopped at had it (surprisingly), it has to be kept in the fridge (which was a little tricky traveling), and it did what I needed it to for those days in Florida I went without the "real thing!"

    It only made me feel "high" about 3 times. The other times, at most, it made me feel like I had smoked like an hour ago or something, and just had a little buzz left or something. It wasn't like a fun, wonderful, miracle, super-cool drug or anything. But a good substitute for a daily user who uses for medical reasons. It helped me keep my muscles more relaxed, and also helped me sleep. Also, it made it WAY more easy to 4get that I was missing out on my "habbit" of 3 or 4 bowls a day. I was content and didn't really miss it very much at all (very surprising 2 me)!

    I only got a 5mg dose, twice daily (every 12 hours), but I'm hoping he'll increase it to 10 mg for me (that's the highest it comes). I think I smoke more often than he knows or was lead to believe.... oops!

    I'm also hoping that this will be a good alternative for weaning me down (or OFF) for when I plan to become pregnant in the near future. I smoked during my last pregnancy, and she's FINE and healthy.... but I still wonder if there's any long-term effects we don't know about.

    But then again,...... It's SYNTHETIC, so maybe the natural thing really would be better for an individual in that position. Who knows?

    I have a while to think about this one still.

    Anyone with any questions regarding the medication or anything is welcome to ask me. But never forget that diff. meds are diff. 4 EVERY PERSON!!! And especially when it comes 2 ppl with different medical conditions! I have Fibromyalgia, which is an illness where the symptoms, treatments, and results are SO WIDELY VARIED from patient to patient.... so I know this firsthand!
  2. Hey I don't know or not I did not see it when I read, but what did you get the marinol for exactly?
  3. Just do your research on smoking marijuana and pregnancies. It can actually help the baby in some ways. Cannabanoids actually teach the baby to eat.

    But being a mother, I can see why you would worry!

    I would still say the real thing is healthier though.

  4. While I see what you are getting at.....

    anything while pregnant can't be good.

  5. Sigh, we've had these discussions before about Pregnancy and MJ. While I do agree that physically smoking isn't good for the fetus' lungs, I would argue that there simply isn't any documented medical research that proves that MJ use with other methods (vaporizing, edibles) is harmful for the fetus at all, and in fact, anecdotally, the women that I've known who have used MJ during pregnancies had wonderful, happy, healthy children.

    In fact, one woman I know intimately, was able to have one of the easiest births that the doctors had ever seen. 3 pushes and the baby was out! That baby is now in her terrible twos, and while she's a little monster, she's perfectly happy and healthy.
  6. ^^well said.

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    I have seen many Soon to be mother smoking weed, and I have also seen and held every child these mothers had, They are beautiful and healthy babies.

    Honestly though if I had a wife who was expecting and wanted to smoke weed I wouldn't look down on it, but if she were to take Marinol I would be a bit bothered.

    I don't trust a damn thing out of a Pharmacists hand,thats why ive never believed the bullshit my mother told me when she start swallowing pills she didn't know the names of because she had developed a illness out of the sky after 43 years of life without this said illness.

    Anything Unnatural isn't meant to be there and shouldn't be there in my mind.

    Keep it natural I say:smoke:

    EDITed cause I was not paying attention and put smoke instead of take..
  8. is it just me or does OP reek of big pharma in disguise?

  9. It's you.
  10. Good video that was posted in another thread a while back.
    [ame=""]Cannabis Use and Pregnancy, with Melanie Dreher, RN, PhD (Complete)[/ame]
  11. you got it. they are on here to subvert the forum's members into pill junkies.
  12. I'm a mj baby.

    born 8lbs 11oz, early walker and talker, started riding motorcycles at age 3. i'm 27 and almost finished with pharmacy school. thanks for smoking pot mom, you ruined me! ;)
  13. Yeah because it's so easy to get your doctor to prescribe you Marinol.

  14. Hmm Iam a MJ/Meth baby.
    Ive been around for 19 years and Im alright.

    I Have Heart Disease but thats was my moms crystal meth use I believe.
    My dads weed smoking wasn't bad heh.I got to the egg atleast XD

    Man im baked.
  15. I wonder if meth babies are worse than crack babies. I have 2 crack baby cousins and their health is fucked beyond belief. Poor kids had to get a hypoallergenic dog cause any normal dog could kill the one kid cause of his asthma and allergies.
  16. Jesus Christ....Id hate my mother.

    Im not that bad.

    Heart disease sucks alitte though.
  17. Okay.... I regret posting this already now. Or at least the part about trying to concieve in the near future!

    I did not mean to, nor do I want to, make this into ANY kind of debate..... especially about babies born to mothers who smoke (or take synthetic THC). I am a pot-baby (as are my sibs & my firstborn), and all the other ones I know of are all just fine too. So I'm not the "anti-" one here!

    And more disturbing...... I really resent being accused of being related to the drug company somehow! WTF???? I thought this was a relevant topic for the MEDICAL MJ BOARD!!!!! When I posted anything about it (Marinol) before, there was much interest shown, and a couple people asked me to share my experiences after I tried it (if I was successful @ getting it perscribed, which I was.... for my fibromyalgia). So that's all I was trying to do!! Sorry I started some controversy or something.

    Maybe this board isn't for me. I won't stand for accusations and all this $h!t
    But when someone else wants info on a Tx I can talk about..... I guess I'll have to skip it, and deny that person what may prove to be valuable information, because if I do talk about it, I'll be attacked and accused. Screw this!

    AND BTW:..... Someone out there mentioned something about not being upset if his pregnant sig. other smoked herb, but would be upset if she "smoked marinol." THAT MAKES NO SENSE! MARINOL IS A PILL! Clearly someone didn't even know what the heck I was even talking about in the first place..... so those ppl should keep the comments to themselves!:mad:
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    If you're on a board about marijuana you shouldn't be surprised when any debate begins.

    For the record, I have trouble relating Marinol to medical marijuana. Marinol lacks the other cannabinoids and doesn't have nearly the positive effects that real marijuana possesses.

    Marinol is the governments solution to medical marijuana. But it's not a solution, it's a bandaid, and it just doesn't stick all that well.

  19. There's always going to be some dunderheads on any message board, no matter what the topic is. Unfortunately you just have to roll with the punches so-to-speak. Either put the morons on ignore, or if they really offend you, report their posts and negative-rep them. That might teach them not to post stupid-arse stuff.
  20. Damn I mistyped that all the fuck up.

    The point I stated still stands why take a unnatural pill form to make up for something that is natural and actually made to be in your body.

    I just can honestly say Ive never seen a pill prescribed by a Pharmacist to have helped someone and I don't plan on ever seeing it either.

    Also if you can take a opinion someone has about your thread,then why the hell did you post at all?

    My opinion wasn't even harsh.
    Just my thoughts on taking a pill to replace weed....seems mighty fuckin retarded.
    By all means enjoy eating your pills,Ill enjoy my all natural weed smoke.
    Now that was harsh hahah...not really so.

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