I got my ass kicked by a chicken

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ajroxit, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. One of my hens hatched a single egg. That little chick is Momo's pride and joy. The little chick is so small it gots stuck places. I tried to help, little baby chick made a "help me!" noise and that shit was on like donkey kong. It was all beak, claws n fury!! I now have a small fat lip. I had to snap her back off of me using a hand towel. Her is a pic of the the hen Momo and her chick im calling little hitler.
    The white stuff isnt drugs, it DE, Diatomaceous earth and it kills the fuck outta ants, fleas, ticks, mites, all sorts of shit. We put it down on them once a month and when eggs hatch. Good stuff n non toxic!
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  2. My favorite part of this story is how you had to clarify the white stuff isn't drugs.
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  4. The Phoebes know better than to approach me.
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  5. I was watching my chickens when a magpie landed close to one and started looking around. A chicken hopped on the magpie and hopped off, it couldn't have taken more than a second but the magpie was dead as a doornail.
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  6. Chickens are savage... i had no idea. They keep my place free of bugs and eat everything, even mice. I saw my hens fuckin a mouse up and tore it apart alive while devouring it. We have some big ass centipedes too and the chickens love em. They eats all the annoying and dangerous stuff slugs, big ass fuggin roaches, all sorts of shit. Man, chickens are great pets!! Ill always have them aside from apartment living.
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  7. Chickens CAN be a lot smarter than they seem. I used to raise them and the rooster (I always kept a Bantam around) used to terrorize everyone. I went into the coop, closed the door, explained to the rooster who had 170 pounds on whom, and left the coop. The rooster(s) ne'er troubled me, again.
    ON THE OTHER HAND, however....
    I was told that geese would pick the weeds out of my flower beds; that sounded GREAT to me (what a moron).
    The geese terrorized everyone but me, but the barstards kept eating my annuals!
    I WARNED THEM... I swear I did.
    When they were plenty fat-looking, it was 'off with their heads'.
    BIG LESSON: geese may look fat, but until Christmas time, they only have a lot of feathers.
    There was no meat on them.
  8. My Free range Loved to eat Ticks, best exterminator I ever had.
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  9. Grape picking in Mildura the blockie's pack of Chook's chased me, pecking at the back of my feet. Was to stoned to fight back:confused:...
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  10. If you've ever seen a cockfight you know how wicked they can be.
  11. I’ve been chased by a rooster before thing had talons over an inch long. He got the shot gun. We have a nice rooster now.

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