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I got my 5 foot bong replaced today

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bobbert, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. A month or so ago I bought a 5 foot bong from my usual shop. It was $120 with a free 60 dollar bubbler. The thing broke because the my artist blew the water bubble to big and it cracked. I took it back and he offered to fix it for free. Today he had finished my new bong so I went buy and picked it up. It had a price tag on it of $189 and I got it for free since it was a replacement. It is really fucking sick. It is the thickest glass i have ever seen in a bong, thicker then my phx. I also stands perfectly, and the can hold alot of water. I took it over to a friends to celebrate and between 4 of us we each had three bowls. You could clear an entire bowl in one hit, and it did not make you cough. Needless to say I was fucking ripped. Anyway enjoy the photos.




  2. nice but he honestly killed that piece with the bend right above the bowl

    it doesn't fit the flow of that planet like base almost reminds me of mars in blue tones then bam that ugly bend

    I'd take that off your hands for free tho lol
  3. Ahh i have to disagree, I actualy went with the one with the bend over the one with out the bend. The bend catches ice also so it has function. It also looks pretty sweet when it milks, i cant describe it I would just havr to make a high res video of the smoke rising in it as you hit it.
  4. that whirl/snake effect upon first draw? while its cool it throws the base off when I look at it and I'm a worry wart so I'd have choosen the straight shot

    if he'll do customs for you I'd so go for a straight shot 5 footer with an hourglass ice catch instead of the bend
  5. DAMN NICE bong!!!!!!! mate

    would love to take a hit from sumthing like that....
  6. \

    Yea it get some of that swirl effect. It creeps up the ben but the smoke stays level so it looks really weird. Then once it gets to that little bubble it makes it swirl around in the ball and then it sowly rises up from there.
  7. That thing is even better looking now then before I think.

    By the way it has taken me close to an hour to type that sentence out. I got a new sherlock today and for some reason it got my pretty high, probably cause I am not really used to smoking out of a dry piece.

    Anyways sweet bong Bobbert. It was cool of them to just give it to you cause yours broke. That thing must mess you up pretty good.:smoking: +rep if I can
  8. Nice bong man, Its a shame the other one broke so damn fast. At least he replaced it for free man.
  9. looks cool. nice to see you around again :hello:
  10. HOLY FUCK!!!

    THAT my friend is a peice of fucking glass.
  11. Nice glass bobbert. Nothing like passing around the glass like that. I was at a friend's house last night and between four of us and my roor I don't even know how many bowls we finished, but it'd have to be at least 6. Couch lock was in full effect last night in that appartment.
  12. +rep to the man who has some of the best glass on GC
  13. can i come over and try it? and maybe have one of your gumballs? :)
  14. dude that thing is fucking sick +rep

    haha do you have to have 2 people to light it?
  15. am i the only one thinking MILKSHOTS?
  16. damn, that thing is pretty serious
  17. nice man crazy bong, nice price too
  18. You are the glass-man, man. :bongin:
  19. Meatwad: I saw you idling in my thread for a while this morning. I had three bowls back to back and i was fucking blitzed for a good 3-4 hours.

    thisisnotreal: Yep i need at least one other person to light the bowl.

    debauch: Yep, I went on vacation. Then school stared back up so i had to get in to the swing of things.

    scooby: The gumballs are over 3 years old but they still taste good.

    Ean: I took some last night, I will get them eventually.

  20. sweee :smoke:

    my first impression (while still scrolling to see the rest of the pictures) was "well, that's a stubby little bong to replace a five-foo....WHOA DEAR GOD *chokes on pipe*"

    i like it. does that slide go all the way down into the light blue part of the bong?

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