i got me TWO stoner chicks

Discussion in 'General' started by TooFuckingHigh, May 13, 2004.

  1. Well they aren't stoners yet, but they sure will be in a few weeks. This lab is part of our final grade in my AP biology class. Some people are injecting them with testosterone and shit, but these are controls. One is mine(8) and the otehr is a friends. The red on their heads is just die to tell taht they are males.

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  2. why can we only attach one pic at a time?

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  3. little bastards shat on my keyboard. sure theyre cute now, but they only get uglier from here.:)

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  4. injecting poor defensless animals with testosterone? what is the lab about anyways?
  5. animal behavior and stuff, its also about imprinting, i'm mommy for the next few weeks. it wont hurt them in the long run i dont think, and we;re told they go to a farm and not a slaughterhouse. testosterone and gonadotropin are the hormones we're using.
  6. when smoking, bring them in the room and blow everything into there faCes. mabee theyll get fucked up. We did that to my friends cat. I dont think it was stoned, but we were. Lol
  7. "got me two stoner chicks"lol ,.. blondes even ;)
    i clicked on this thread hoping to see 2 hot stoner chicks making out or something. but noooooooooo, i get to see 2 god damn chickens crapping on ur desk. thanks, really.

  9. ^^^^^^LOL....that was funny, but on a serious note, BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL birds have extremely small lungs and are very sensitive from smoke, if you keep blowing tons of smoke in their face for a short time they will die, so be carefull, just give it a couple hit but just blow a short puff at a time, or just kkep them in a room that you are hotboxing and they will get stone just make sure they have a way to get out of the room if they need to
  10. awww, so cute! i want one!! i've actually been contemplating wether or not a pet duck would be cool or not? whaddya think? are they fun? will they be when they grow up if you give em lots of love?
  11. lol we used to blow smoke in me and my friends dogs faces and you could see there eyes turn all red and they wud go crazy...... it was so funny
  12. I had a pet duck for quite awhile..they lay good eggs, much bigger than chicken eggs..taste good too:) They are usually friendly..they actually bite at people they don't know though..lol
  13. i'd rather have a duck over a chicken, cause chickens, well, turn into chickens, and chickens are ugly. havent seen my chick all weekend, was outta town, take some pics tomorrow to see how hes grown and hopefully smoke him out this weekend.
  14. LOL, good thread. keep 'em comin
  15. Me and my friend got his cat really high the other day. we got in the car with it and rolled up all the windows and smoked a quarter in there! we were in there for like an hour. when we llet the cat out it was running all over the place and kept falling over and purring. it was soo funny. Oh yah, we also got a tode stoned, we stuck it in a big container and kept blowing smoke into it.

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