I got me a mouse

Discussion in 'General' started by Endat, Apr 21, 2004.

  1. I found the little fucker in my laundry room squeaking. I thought it was a cricket so I ignored it for a few minutes.. then I went to investigate. turns out it was a baby field mouse that couldnt keep its grip on my slippery lanolium floor. What should I do with it? I was thinking feeding it until it gets big enough to make it on its own then releasing it in the field... after all it is a field mouse.

  2. do you have a cat?
  3. LOL... not anymore.. when I did, it was VERY fun unleashing the cat on the field mouse i found/captured
    The cat would have a very amusing way of tearing it apart.. would beat it in half with its claws.. but no cat :(.

  4. if you feed it until it gets big enough it's going to rely on you for food. so when you release it's just gunna wait for you to give it food.. but you won't cause you won't know where it is.. so it'll die. if i was you i'd just keep it as a pet or something. or just release it asap. get it stoned first though. lol.
  5. lol..get it stoned. niice. anyways, its eyes are still closed, so i know if I release it, it will definately die.. what do these things eat?

  6. get a cage and shit you and you got a cool pet.
  7. get that guy as stoned as you can get him
  8. mice are so fucking awesome to get ripped. me and a friend got a little white mouse and blew hits in his little box thing and he would freak out and just like jump into shit and run around his box thing
  9. i gotta mouse too

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  10. Hold it by the tip of its tail against a wall, and watch as it bounces (jumping) again and again, until it's tail falls off...

    Nah I'm just kidding don't do that. A friend did that to a mouse he found.... he also dropped a 40 pound rock on one that fell into a hole in the ground and couldn't get out because the walls of the hole were steel (colvert). Yeah, squish.

    Either toss him outside and let nature do it's thing, or keep him as your pet... or 'squish' if you think it's a quicker fate than what he may find in nature. I'd just toss him.

  11. damn...ur violent
  12. how am I violent?

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