I got JACKED!!!!!!

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    Ok so my friend told me about this sick guy he met last weekend. He bought a ten sack off him and he got like 2 g's. He was so pumped on this guy, The guy said he would give my friend an oz for 150 because he grew. So my friend asked me if i could pitch in on the deal and i would pay 65$ and get 11g's, a great deal for me. So he called him up yesterday, The dealer lives like an hour away from us so he had to make a some what long trip out here. Now the dealer told him to call him G no name just G. So he goes "Hey G can you drop that oz off now" G says sure so it takes him a while to find us and he drives around for a while and finally sees us. He's in a small ass Honda, there's four guys in the car and G is in the back seat.

    So me and my friend are on foot and they are all in the car on this street no one ever drives. So he shows us this big bag of dank. My friend says "hey can you scale that". Now G just says "Nah i already did see each little baggy in here is a gram" and he counts out all 28. So he says "where's the money" My friend counts it out infront of him. Then G says "can i count it out myself so i can see you aren't shorting me" my friend hands him the money and RRRRRRRRRRRRRR they peel out and book around the corner. We are standing there in fucking amasement that he just took the money and booked. Then we immediately start yelling and flipping out.

    I was like FUCK how did i not see that coming everything about that was so sketchy I cant believe i trusted him. There was nothing we could really do anyway because my friend said he saw two of them in the car had guns but didnt say anything about it. I'm so pissed. My friend fucked me out of 65 bucks. But "G" played us like a violin. And we cant get back at him. We dont know his real name or where he lives (which is like an hour away). All we have is his number. But we cant give it to the cops, what are we gunna say he ripped us off in a drug deal. Also he knows where my friend lives because my friend gave him his adress because it was the original meeting place for the deal and he has been to his house before. So even if we told the cops he robbed us with guns and they traced his phone and got caught my friend's afraid G's friends with guns would come to his house. What should we do? cut our losses or get back at this slimy fucker some how?
  2. you should of asked for the bud first. count your losses and move on man, you got jacked, it happens to the best of us. what would you do to this guy if you DID want to get him back? beat him up? rob his house? fuck up his car? is it worth the jail time if your caught? or is it worth HIS friends coming and fucking you guys up?
  3. Let it be dude. Its $65 bucks. Nothing big. People have lost way more than that recently. $65 aint worth losing your life over dude. Trust me when I say let it go. And don't blame your friend; he didn't know.

    My advice, besides letting it go, is learn to grow. If done right, you will never have to set up a drug deal again bro.
  4. If they think they are gangsters, go hit them bitches up. Do some Malibus Most Wanted on that shit. haha.
  5. just take the loss and be happy it was only a $65 lesson. I fell for you though man, no need to get mad at your buddy. I'm sure he feels just as bad, maybe worse. Take it easy man
  6. Shit only proves 2 things.
    1 - That was his first time having an ounce lol
    2 - Hes a dumbass wanna be gangsta hence the name.

    Have a friend call him(2-3 wks from now) to an apartment building, where u supposedly live for a couple ounces, and when he gets there if he comes lol, be across the street, with a friend and 2 buckets of nails. Tires popped = fun time. If the guns are real, hide if your afraid to fight, but call the cops, and there asses arent going anywhere....

    A. You can watch where they stash the stuff once the cops come, and take it in front of them lol
    B. You can grow some balls and handle your business leaving bodies for the cops to find.

    If he wont meet, get cell phone city location, and meet in his turf. THE END
  7. I would say Cut your losses, but fuck that you got the upper hand bro. You got his phone number and you got the element of surprise. It isn't much about the money its more of the principle and respect. If you want to get anywhere in this game or even life, you can't keep letting scumbags like this run you.

    Have one of your friends buy a Gram or 2 from him to establish some trust, then a couple of a days later have your friend set up a deal to buy an Ounce from him. Have him meet your friend in some location. Have your friend never show up and just call the cops on them and give them the license plates. If they try to stash their shit, grab it while no one is looking.

    Make sure your friend never gives his real name, town, address or phone number.

    It takes some balls, but it will be worth it.
  8. That sucks dude. Had it happen a couple times. It depends on the approach you wanna take. You can either take it as a 65 dollar loss. Which really isn't that bad with everything that's been going on, or you can seek out redemption. And the latter has it's own risk and reward involved. It boils down to whether or not you want to even continue to deal with the bullcrap from the deal that went bad. Just calm down first, get a grip on things, and when you're calm, either plan, or get another connect.
  9. If you do this, call the cops with a payphone, because if you call in with a cell phone that belongs to you and they don't find anything, or they find weapons and drugs, they might questions you as to how you found this information out.
  10. yeah bro i got jacked for 1400 dollars once trying to buy a QP of dro, kinda of similar to yours the best thing to do is learn a lesson, never go into a situation with people you dont know and if you do make sure you can control the sitituation....Or just Grow your own in your closet little homie so you dont have to ever deal with thieves....
  11. Charge it to the game this shit happens when you dont play out your drug deals with common sense when I buy weed from strangers I have bud in hand before they even see my money if they dont like it their sketchy as fuck so fuck tgem!
  12. ya man, just let this one go. At least your not in the hospital right? and it is only $65...
  13. If you have his cell phone number type it into the google search bar, it will give you the location of where the phone is registered, if you are willing to spend 15 bucks you can get the exact address his name and family info, if you want sweet revenge. You'll have the upper hand just stake him out and the hit em up hard and jack whatever you can get........
  14. Over $65? Really? That's like 1 days pay, 2 max if you make minimum. 65 dollars is nothing. Why bother? Never deal with the fucker again. No need to hunt him down like a rabid animal.
    I agree with
  15. Violence is wrong and immoral. So just count your losses bro, it's only 65 bucks.
  16. fuck that man you got ripped off it happens.you prob only buy grams once you buy a oz and bigger it gets tough.
  17. If your very angry and need to retaliate, they got guns bro you need guns. Go bust down his door with your friends and points all the guns you cant get at their faces, then it comes down to this

    A: Take all his stuff and don't kill him
    B: Take all his stuff and kill him
    C: Burn down his house and blow up his car.

    I wouldnt even think about A or B. If anything trying getting back at him in a evil kind of way without killing someone.

    Do what me and my friends did when we got scammed, Make some AP (high explosives) and raid his house take anything worth 1k or more. and blow up his mail box and car. Idr how much AP we made, but it was enough to shred his mail box and car's roof apart and tires. My friends also killed the dealers dogs, which attacked us.

    Idk man violence is very immature and i dont reccomend it.

    Peaceful things are always much better.
  18. Watched my friends demo some guy's car when he shorted them on a sack for $15. not saying that's the best idea, but it happens to everyone, probably better off just letting it be.
  19. oh i totally agree with i was just throwing that out there lol (u could) i know when i was jacked for 1400 i almost wanted kill somebody. I got my all homeboys together after we tracked the dude down (we were all packin).....and then i stopped and said this is not going to get my money back and could possibly get me in more trouble. Also, i realized this too and i hope you guys let this sink in as well. Karama is a bitch!!!!!! and people like that will pull that on someone who is really not fucking around and get killed.....so they will get dealt with ne ways. Remember this ''there is no justice like street justice"- cause even people in the game respect the only laws there should be in this world- dont kill, dont steal, and dont hurt anyone (unless its to defend)
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    oh and one last word of advice learn to grow your own bud guys its not as hard as it sounds and you can start on 200 bucks, so that way you dont have deal with shitty people or worry about getting ripped of, and if you can stay away from the temptaion of dealing you'll never get in trouble for it......so its the best way to go....if anybody wants some tips on growing yall can hit me up a smalltownpunks@hotmail.com and i will show you my closet set up.......

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