I got jacked.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Retroshark, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. so i got back from my 2 week vacation last night, and i go to my garden to check on my plants, and they are all gone. dug up roots and all.

    first sign of things not being right was my chairs i have out in my garden were all knocked over and my hooka was gone. the plants were dug up my shovel was stolen and then the dirt was covered over. it was someone who knew i had them i think.

    and there could be only one person other than my gardeners that i suspect of doing this, and today im going to be asking him some questions.

    i cant beleive my months of work is now gone, its not lke thye died or got eaten, but someone stole my fucking babies.

    i never thought this would happen to me, but it did. i now have no plants left from my grow. they got all 15 or so of them.

    they had 4 weeks left to go.
  2. shit man, that sucks. I had 6 plants get eaten earlier in the season and was only able to recover 1. Best of luck to you, hope you get that shit sorted out. Stuff like that pisses me off. Like, honestly, if someone else knew you had them why couldn't they just ask for buds instead of going off and stealing the plants?

    Hope it all works out.
  3. yea i would give anyone a free smoke of it. what makes me the most angry is they are ruined now because they werent even mature yet. thats so gay. i hate thieves. i may set up another grow but booby trap it with a bomb or fireworks. that would be fucking tight, theyd get scared as fuck.
  4. Damn bro Im sorry to hear that..hope you catch the perps. Did you tell ANYONE you were growing?
  5. always gotta watch for the jackers n the dope fiends...
  6. They stole your hooka? Now THAT is fucked up. Plants will always grow but pieces are never the same.
  7. im no expert, but I think itd take more than just a few minutes to dig a plant out by its roots. If it was that far along, the stem would be more like a stump?? If i were scheming to take your plants I would have just taken the buds and left the main stalk to save time. Whoever stole your plants had plenty of time to do it
  8. Yeah, thats sick, who the fuck would do that man? I admit, I went crop hoppin a couple times, but never did take anything more than a little sample. I believe thats the way it should be, if you ever stumble onto someones grow (thats not on their property) you can take a little pinch and go on your way.

    It merely adds insult to injury that they stole your shovel and you hookah. That fucker, I hope he gets raped, like he raped your plot.
  9. do another one and set up a little hidden wireless camera haha.. they are pretty cheap on ebay.
  10. the fact that they took their time leads me to beleive they knew they had time.

    it was someone that knew you had them and that also knew you were out of town.
  11. i know tey had time, my mom and i were away for a week each. i think it was the gardeners, and ive left out 4 pots with soil in the same spot to see if they get taken. if they do, ill catch them. i dont think theyll get past my booby trap this time. its my property so im gnna protect it.
  12. Get a big dog and chain him next to your plants. :devious:
  13. i was thinking more a long the lines of a trip wire with some fireworks that get shot off when tripped.
  14. lol that would be so funny, to see the guys faces when those fireworks start going off....but that would bring the cops wouldnt it? and i dont think we want cops anywhere near our crops...
    edit- ive had crops jacked before, it feels like they violated whats yours, it sucks, but it happens, so outsmart em and pick a better spot next year. lesson learned.
  15. i bought the last of the parts for my hydro system today
    its gonna be so sick.

    i cant wait to get it all set up, i just need my mom to be out so i can cut all the holes in the lid for the pots.
  16. someone has seen without a paddle too many times.. haha

    sorry to hear about your loss. fuckin bastards...
  17. i have had 2 experince like that once a good friend of mind took about a pound of buds from me the other i had a nice collecton of bongs and pipes a real nice hooka then one day the cops came in and one by one smashed them in the curb very sad day
  18. dude just call the cops and say SOMEONE STOLED ALL ME WEED, actually thats a bad idea :smoke:

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