i got jacked almost

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  1. So last Tuesday i was on the bus through Seattle's central district. Three people got on the bus on of which i knew from school. he was one year below me before i graduated he is about to graduate in one month. he was a gangbanger(valley hood piru a blood set) that just went to school to sell weed. He is also with someone i recognized he is an og for the aforementioned gang. i dont know him but you realize he gets and demands respect. his other friend i dont recognize. they get on the bus and he is like man i know you want to buy some of my chronic and i was like nahhh i already have some. hes like ohh ok thats chill whatevers good. his friend i dont know then asks how much do you have. i was like ohh just 2 bags. i actually had a half and a bong in my backpack. he then says oh you should let me see it. i was recognized the danger and said nahh its deep in my backpack i really cant get it out. he's like what you trust me. i was like no really its deep in my backpack. hes like ill get it out for you. i say no really thats ok i dont know you and no offense i dont want you going through my stuff. we continue to ride the bus and the only other group of people on it got off. he then starts asking about it again again i refuse with the whole no offense thing again. he then grabs my backpack and we start playing tug of war with it by the straps. i look at the guy i know for help he says man i got no part in this im staying out. the OG then steps up from the back who hasnt said anything and just socks me. i fall because i wasnt expecting plus he is buff and huge. he then proceeds to get off the bus. bus drivers are trained to not intervene if something like this happens. his friend then knees me in the face and gets off the bus but miraculosly leaves my shit. the guy i know stays on and helps me up and apoligizes gives me ten bucks then gets off at the next stop i havent seen him since. but its only been 4 days

    i still have all my stuff and i didnt even bruise but it has made me paranoid on the bus and around my neighboorhood.
  2. That's not a OG, that's a young thug.
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    no the guy he was with the one who first hit me

    he didnt say anything the whole time hes always around i know he strapped ive seen him pull out 2000 dollars before hes about 35 to 40

    ive seen him pull up to a street corner in an escalade and people there just handed him money

    hes OG
  4. I lived on Summerset in LA for six months and whenever I would go out I would carry a handgun (Gloc .9mm cp) on my person. I still have the papers for it but its CA registry which is useless in VT :(. The point is to protect yourself. Shit happens in the world and you have to be ready for it.
  5. This OG has his own Escalade but still takes the bus?

    ...Good god, an enviromentally concious OG? A threat hereto unforseen by mainstream America? Call the FBI, alert the media, AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEBODY CALL THE JUSTICE LEAGUE!
  6. lmao..
  7. Why would you even admit that you have weed to thugs?
  8. I suggest you try to get a concealed gun permit in your area. I am not saying become some crack like person with 20 guns and all, but if you felt your life was endangered then you should have some method of self-defense. ie. pepper spray, billy club, concealed gun, etc.
  9. Wait, why did you get 10$ at the end?
  10. thats fucked up, i hate when thugs think they can just run shit cuz there jacked, i hope all those mother fuckers will die.
  11. What the hell was an OG doing riding on the city bus with high schoolers? He's no OG, just a punk.
  12. lol am i an og? my car was 10grand and iv got more in the bank

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