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    Hello guys! I thought you'd like to hear a hilarious and fucked up story related to the Drug War. It is an ideal example of how our freedom has been compromised by these irrational and destructive laws, and in my opinion is pretty funny.

    So my friends Matt and Alex, and I, decided to go down to Baltimore City, just for fun. I had promised Matt I'd drive him down there weeks ago, because it's such an insane place to see. Bail bondsmans shops left and right, broken down buildings... it's interesting. In fact, the first time I went there was with B's brother's friends, and they were pointing out to me all this funny stuff. So this was my second time going down there, except this time we went a lot deeper. We got to a part where there were buildings without roofs, it looked like the aftermath of bombs dropping. This part was even more dilapidated, I'd never seen anything like it.

    Then we come across cops who'd pulled someone over, so Alex and Matt say, "Let's drive by them to see what's up". So we do, we see it, and then keep going. Two minutes later, a blonde white female cop we'd seen there pulls up behind us, lights on. I pull over, wondering why we were stopped. She comes over and asks for license and registration, IDs of all the passengers, and where we were going. We said we got lost and were trying to find Reisterstown Road (100% true). The officer then goes back to her car, is there for like seven minutes, and then two more cops pull up.

    These cars consisted of three black male officers, and one of them came up and asked where we were going. I once again said Checkers, and asked how to get there. In a friendly manner, he gave specific directions, then walked away. Due to that show of kindness, I figured we were good.

    We were not good. The female officer comes back, and asks if there are drugs in the car. We say no. The funny thing was, we had purposely made sure that the car was clean, because we had jokingly predicted before leaving that we'd get pulled over for being white kids in the ghetto. She then asks if there are guns in the car, to which we all laugh and say no, and then she asked if we were terrorists from Al Qaeda (I wish I was making this up). The next question was if we did any drugs, and I said I'd tried cannabis a few times, but didn't even like alcohol, although I had a few drinks occasionally.

    Now this is where I got pissed off, because she started pushing at why I was drinking if I was underage. I said my parents gave it to me, and I know that parents are allowed to give their own children alcohol, and she's like, "In what state is this?!" as if she's going to arrest me for drinking. She then says if why else would three kids from the county be in the ghetto if we weren't getting drugs, and I said again we were lost, and I thought to myself that it doesn't even fucking matter where we are, it's a public street and we can drive where we want. She walks away, and the male officer comes back and talks to us for a little, then asks to search. I expressly say no, as we are all tired and hungry (we really were, we'd been driving for hours in the hot sun and were lost) and need to get going. He goes back to the female officer and says, "He said no," and the female officer goes, "It's not their choice, it's ours, because of *some court case*" She said something like "because of Westwood vs. Ohio", I suppose in reference to a court ruling, but I know for a fact the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution prevents unreasonable searches and seizures.

    So on the basis of us being white kids in a bad neighborhood, we are pulled out of the car and searched. The male officer precedes to illegally search my car after I said no. I asked why they had pulled us over in the first place, and they said an out break light. I haven't checked it yet, I suppose it's true, but in any case that's no reason to search, not at all. After the male cop comes out without finding anything, the bitch female cop (I'm sorry, I just hated her so much, she wanted to hurt us for no reason) puts on latex gloves, like she's going to get pricked by our heroin junkie needles, and searches the car even harder than the male cop did. Like him, she came out with no results.

    This situation angered me greatly. It caused stress, wasted my time, and forced me to continue sitting in the hot sun with no food or water. I also feel violated, in that I can't drive around my own fucking town without being profiled as a heroin user. I called their department and complained about this, and the man told me to call back tomorrow to speak to the Commanding Supervisor. I really want to get this person fired or suspended. This was a clear illegal search. It is not legal to search a vehicle because of the color of a person's skin or where they were located. I didn't see a sign on that city street that said, "Turn around, white people not welcome". I can drive wherever I please as long as I'm not causing trouble, and shouldn't have to worry about police stopping me to look for hard drugs. That's just fucked up, and I'm not going to rest until I get restitution from the Baltimore City Police Department for this clear violation they made. Don't you think I'm in the right here, guys?
  2. Yes, you are in the right, fuck the police. They are supposed to enforce laws not make their own.
  3. You are definitely in the right.
    And you did good by politely stating your rights--but also by not resisting when they did pursue an illegal search.
    Follow up if it means much to you! :hello:
  4. Good luck. They basically told you to fuck off when they asked you to call back tomorrow. Keep pushing it and hopefully someone with authority listens. Sucks about the profiling and hope you get even.
  5. You shouldn't have said anything about alcohol or weed because it probably 'convinced' her more you were up to no good. With cops that get paid leave after assaulting and beating victims, don't get your hopes up of any of them being suspended, let alone fired, over that. It does sound like it was an illegal search though; if he were legally allowed to search he would've told you to get out of the car instead of asking for your permission to search. Did they even give you a ticket for the light, or anything at all?
  6. LMAO. I was in the car with him and that lady was a BITCH.
  7. Good point!
    Never self-incriminate!

    At the same time, we should never feel we have to be dishonest just because some fascist asshole wants to flex his / her muscles.

  8. Don't, make a big deal out of this. Did you get any of the officers names? Keep on calling, annoy them fuck do something. I dislike it greatly when this shit happens.
  9. I would ask for their video tape on their police car, i know for a FACT that they HAVE to video tape each and every stop, and you hear anything and everything people say. After you get the tape, and confirm by a lawyer that it was a illegal search, i would sue the police department, because that was bullshit.
  10. Very nicely handled, I hope some people take notes on how well you did. I think I would (at least try to) do the same thing. Yea defiantly go through the proper channels to at least file a complaint on the actions of, at least that female LEO. Don't roll over and take it lightly, if they experience first hand that a gross overstep of their power like that can have consequences, they may think twice about pulling something like that.
    Next time maybe stay out of that part of town though, next time it might be some crack head with a gun pulling you out of your car.
    Gotta say that does sound crazy, it's sad some areas of our country have gotten so bad, and you got to wonder how we can have so many homeless, and so many abandoned buildings. Peace.:wave:
  11. yeah screw trying to get them fired. try to sue them... litigation ends jobs anyway
  12. Wow, this was the first post for you TUSmoke. Nice. And Sir Tokes Alot was in the car too, he got searched as well.

    After I file the complaint tomorrow, I've decided I'll call my lawyer, just to see what he thinks. There's been some good advice in this thread, such as from MastaBuda about the police officer's video tapes from the dash cameras. I hope this becomes interesting, I really want something to come of this.
  13. Good luck! I mean that sincerly. You are exercising your rights as an american citizen. If everyone took your example, the world would be a better place.
  14. I guarantee that they claim thy smelt pot in the car, and had to search it…or that you matched the description of 2 youths that had just bought dope off someone they were speaking to earlier, and hadn't yet reported.

    There's probably oodles of other Excuses they can use, but I bet its one of those two..
  15. hah i wouldn't have been so nice if i i didn't have anything illegal in the car and knew it..
  16. Your first mistake, "Let's drive by them to see what's up".

    Its seems a little obvious to me that if you don't want to be noticed by cops. Keep away from them.

    Second mistake, Thinking cops don't have the right.

    Claiming that under the 4th amendment you cant be searched or what ever is bollocks. If a police officer wants to search you they will, and you don't really have any say in the matter. It sucks, and it may be unfair at times, but if you don't like it I direct you back to my first point.

    Maybe American cops have a much different attitude to cops in the UK. Every time someone comes on here moaning about being searched or stopped, I just read it as people who have no idea about how to avoid the cops or interact with them if they are.

    Recommend reading this book.
  17. I have the right to drive by cops all I want. Also, the 4th Amendment is NOT "bollocks". That's a fucking Amendment to my Constitution that says I cannot be unreasonably searched, and I am going to use it. They never said they smelled cannabis or we matched anybody's description, and they can't retroactively say it. The closest thing they gave us to a reason for searching was, "There is no reason you county kids would be down here if not for buying drugs".

    What they did for a broken brake light was out of line and unnecessary. My lawyer is calling me back today and I'm not calling the police to complain again until I find out an action plan. If my lawyer thinks I have a case and is willing to work with me for free, I guarantee you I'm taking this to court and suing the hell out of them.
  18. The cops and the "powers that be" do not own our lives nor do they own this planet.
    Sure they may claim so, but fuck them.
    We are a single species sharing this garden planet in this massive universe.

    By playing into their game you just fuel their fire.
    Act free, be free and you will be free!
    Sure there may be consequences in the short-term but in the end the battle for freedom is worth it and more important than any short-term consequence.

    Gandhi freed an entire nation, not by playing into their game...not by resorting to retaliation. Nope, they did it by embodying the change they desired!
    Fully embody they world as you see it should be and show no shame.
    Live honestly with what you know is right.

    [sorry, but I am a bit pissed off due to just watching some very disturbing police raid videos.]
  19. I dont know why you would admit to that.. You talked too much. Maybe that gave them probable cause?

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