I got Hydroxyzine Pamoate Capsules 25mg

Discussion in 'General' started by RavenousDespair, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. yeah i recently aquired them from my extremely recent trip to MS (just got back)

    here is the description:

    on the script bottle it said take these for anxiety so i snagged like 7 (out of a humunodungo bottle)

    and didn't take any yet until i looked them up, and yup it was what i thought it was

    Has anybody taken these before?

    if so what should i expect? (recreationally) i was hoping for a decrease of anxiety (hence the main reason why i grabbed them) :smoking:

    ::edit:: i also managed to snag some m363s :D (10mg Hydrocodone/500mgAce)

    Me:hey...havn't taken it yet planning tommorow....damn i..am...high...
    Bun B: YEAH I was live on Da scene While he slaabed one up and got slaabed in da FACE..
    Me: yea..h..h...hh yea....
  2. damn, has anybody had any experience with these? I still havn't taken one yet ( i'm a very very cautious person when it comes to trying a different pills or drugs, that isn't known very well)

    not very worth it, just makes me very very v ery tired...and sleeepy....makes great sleep tho!!!

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