i got hustled!

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  1. prepare to be blown the fuck away by my shitty luck.

    ok.so i unfourtunatly dont go directly to a dealer.i have a middle man.my friend troy.well i had $100 to buy some bud.well troy the big dummie went and met doug [our dealer] and gave him our money without the bud in hand.

    doug pulled the whole "ill be back in twenty minutes" thing.about twenty minutes later troy called doug and doug says "oh yeah ive been busted."

    NOT! we were suspiscious so we called him back and some teenage sounding dude awnsered and blabbed about he was a "cop" and doug was busted.not true.when you get arrested cops dont awnser your damn phone.

    so yeah,doug made off with my $100.sucks to be me eh?
  2. dont use a middle man.
  3. do this..say look man i understand shit happens etc try to convince him your not pissed..set him up to come sell u an o and jump him/take the bud
  4. I'd track him down, you'll see him again around town without a doubt.

    On the other hand, cops do answer phones, I was arrested once and the cop answered my phone, which after me telling him to hang up, he did so.

    Your friend should have known not to do the "be back thing" however.
  5. i got hustled!

    Yea you did!
  6. we thought about that.but we decided to do it gangster instead.me and my boyfriend went over to his house and took his prize pitbull and took it to the pound.that'll show him.
  7. At least you have a reason to tell your friends why you don't front money anymore!
    (saw your thread about cutting out the middle man)
    This is why I always say fronting money is one stupid ass idea,
    you should have expected this to happen sooner or later...
  8. I always bring a Benelli M4 when I get my bud... ;)

    But seriously, that does really suck...
  9. You should find a connect that you can buy through, without a middle man. And then never give him money, without him giving you a bag, right there.
  10. you kidnapped his dog? look, its your/your friend's fault this happened. don't take it out on the dog. the dog isn't the one who made a bad move by fronting money.
  11. didnt you post earlier about wanting to meet this guy doug?
  12. why the fuck wouldnt you ransom it wtf dude he probly just bought it back with your damned money
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    sucks i got burned for 100 too but taking his dog is even almost as low as it gets. it was probably scared shitless. -rep, asshole.
  14. Just wondering, are you male or female?
  15. Or your friend fucked you over or your friend and his dealer did together.

    Don't trust anyone with your money.
  16. ive never done this but im gonna have to -rep u b/c u possibbly just ruined that dogs life b/c of something the dog doesnt even understand.im no animal rights activists or anything but thats fucked up...and y the fuck did u not sell him back to doug for $200.that would of been a win win situation...does doug even kno it was u that stole his dog. if not then u didnt even teach him a lesson.
  17. lol you should bring the fucking ruckus on doug
  18. yeah man the dog thing was taking it a bit far.i mean you coulda like sliced his tires or at least stole something to get your money back
  19. the mother fucking ruckus
  20. dam why would you let someone just take your money like that. go get it!

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