I got hit by a drunk driver.....

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    I am so pissed right now i feel like getting into a fight just to calm my nerves. BUT i would hate to spend a night in a cell with the prick who hit me (it would be just my luck that it would so happen that way I'm sure) because there would only be one person coming out of that cell, and I'd undoubtedly be there for a real long time.

    ANYWAY back to the story. If anybody is familiar with Northern Virginia, you have most assuredly traveled down 7100 a.k.a Fairfax County Parkway. well I was getting off of work a little later than usual to make up some hours, and was just passing near Franklin farm rd, when i see this guy (referred from now on in this story as, "the idiot" or just plain "idiot") in my rear view mirror in a ford F-250 truck (probably a contractor or a painter by the looks of the setup and equipment) moving in and out of traffic as other people move out out of the way, some blaring their horn others just trying to get out of the way about 20 ft behind me. My first thought was that he needed to be somewhere in a hurry and took my eye off him, but in the next split second it registered that the lane changes he was making were not smooth but erratic as fuck: the calling card of a drunk driver.

    As i turn to look again to see where he is, he is already 3/4ths into of my lane. i did the only thing i could: turned the wheel left. Hard. despite my best attempt to avoid a collsion, he got me on my right front quarter panel and bumper. minimal damage concidering the circumstance) luckily my car is a front wheel drive jalopy (2002 Mitsu. Galant-she has served me well indeed) and the handling characteristics are such that i didn't fling myself off the road trying to avoid the idiot. i was half way in the median, halfway on the road at this point and the idiot has plowed on through after making another two people move out of the way.

    For a second i was shocked. after the brief moment of collecting my thoughts, I realized that i didn't have a phone, so i did what any normal person would do in VA. took my Glock 23 out (unloaded, but with a clip in it (just in case)) and gave chase in the hopes that either he'd get pulled over, or wrap himself around a telephone pole or some other solid object. The idiot runs 3-4 red lights, smashes into a guard rail, hits another vehicle and finally stops at a red light (oddly enough, until later i find the idiot stopped because he felt it pertinant to pee on his back tire.....idiot:rolleyes:) an off duty Air force (i dunno his rank, didn't ask him, but he said he had been in for 15 years so i'd guess he's probably a Major, Lt. Colonel or a full bird Colonel) officer with a badge and arresting powers stopped him and took his keys at whiele and 7100. The idiot was too enebriated to even talk (think monoslyllabic grunts and slurs) much less get out of the vehicle it was a miracle that he didn't kill anyone. Get this: HE WAS STILL DRINKING HIS CORONA WHEN THE OFFICERS GOT TO THE SCENE! IDIOT!!!:mad:

    I had stopped an EMT who was stopped at a school about a mile up from where he got stopped in an attempt to get them to call 911 to stop this idiot. I don't know if they ever did or not.

    All in all, it wasn't that bad, I estimate the damage at less than $200 due to the fact i moved out of the way almost in time, he got arrested and is in jail with 2 felonys at the time i left the scene, with more comming im sure. I know we use the arugument of cannabis vs. alcohol all the time when it comes to which is safer on the road but today has totally convinced me that alcohol is WAY more dangerous than cannabis: I would never have driven that bad even if i had just smoke an ounce of the finest herb in the world, nor would i ever get into the driver seat of a vehicle that hammered. im sewearing off the booze for a while, however infrequent it already is.......:wave:
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    Yeah so I couldn't find my story posted in April, but I know how you feel man. I was hit head on by a drunk girl in an Audi A4 last April. I flipped her car, and she totalled my Jeep. Pulling that girl out of the smashed up back window of her upside down car was easily the worst moment of my life. Actually, scratch that; the few seconds beforehand when I was convinced I was going to walk up on a dead body, THAT was the worst moment of my life.

    Be glad you were only grazed man. Shit can get a lot worse.
  3. Everyone on this site is from fucking Virginia.
    Burke here. :wave:
    And the parkway's a bitch, sometimes worse than 495 when it comes to idiots driving.
  4. I used to work in burke when i worked for Cox. hey you VA folks should read my thread on hanging out at the end of this month. the first attempt was a bust, but hopefully somebody will come this time. please?:D


  5. True. I'm actually quite gratefull everything went the way it did. he was heading for my rear passenger door and would have probably totaled my car (which may not have been that bad of a thing considering my cars condition anyway) had i not moved. thank god for reflexes........
  6. Yeah, my reflexes saved my life in my accident too. I slammed on the brakes rather than swerving to avoid her. Had I swerved I would have hit either a telephone pole or a parked RV that was directly next to where I was hit on the side of the road, and I probably would not be alive to post on here today.
  7. I think we can all agree on one thing: FUCK DRUNK DRIVERS!:mad: (Planning on getting a bumper sticker made that says that to mark the occasion)
  8. you shoulda beat the air force guy there and pistol whipped his ass :cool:
  9. oooooh trust me, if he wasn't there and i had the chance.......:devious:

    with no bullets, that would have been my only choice. i was not going to let that asshole get away.....
  10. *update*

    So the cop calls me to debrief and set up a court date and- get this- the asshole doesn't have insurance! with my recent luck, why does this not surprise me?

  11. You could sue him.
  12. I've been there before man. Got hit last Christmas by a drunk driver and had to chase his ass down and wait until the cops got there. While high as fuck of course. ;)

    My car was totaled, but I only got $800 from the insurance company because my car had 175,000+ miles and was a piece of shit. Passenger got $2500 of course for non-existant injuries... ain't that some shit?
  13. I would, but the loser probably wouldn't even pay, and for the $100-300 in damages he caused, it's not even worth the court cost. I think i'll just testify when the time comes and take satisfaction in hearing how long a sentence he gets.....im betting 5-10 years at least.
  14. is it weird that ive never seen a gun in real life before?
  15. wow dude glad everything was ok.
  16. Nah concider yourself lucky you've never had to look at a gun from either side of the barrel. I have my Army days to thank for that. Guns are not a fun thing to play with, but necessary sometimes in certain situations. I hope i never have to use my glock for anything other than target practice. People who talk tough about guns have either:

    1. never had one.
    2. never been shot or shot at before
    3. have a complete disreguard for life and will proably end theirs when they forget to clear it during cleaning.
    I wasn't planning on using mine even if i had rounds in the chamber. the thing is: the guy wouldn't know that. Plus, if he was armed and shot and killed me, he would most likely get off because i would have stuck the gun in his face first: Violence begets violence bro. Now my extendable baton on the other hand......:devious:

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