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I got high the first time I tried it, how rare is that?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by greenbliss, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Im 23 and I have been smoking since I first tried it at 16. I smoke a few times per week and it was even less (by far) the first few years I did it, but I know I have smoked far more times than I can count so this isnt cuz of anything recent. But I was watching some weed videos on youtube and one person criticized the video (it was a work of fiction) saying it was unrealistic because the person playing the person smoking for the first time got high that first time. This got me to think how rare is this, because I have also seen posts here where someone couldnt believe their friend was high cuz it was the first time they tried it. Now, I was high the first time, and so was one of my friends. In fact, I never knew that people usually dont get high the first time until a few years ago. One time me and that other friend of mine were smoking with someone who wanted to try it for the first time. This person didnt get high, and me nor my friend knew what was wrong as we were both super high. So how rare is it, how long did it take you, and why do you think it is so rare?
  2. Hm I'd say pretty rare I don't know anyone that got high first time, me and my main friend both got high our second time and probably the best time.
  3. I got so high the first time I smoked. Way too high.

    Felt like gravity was pullin the earth slightly to the left, and everything felt strange to touch. Weird high haha.
  4. I didn't get high my first time... and I was with 2 guys who made sure I was inhaling right (well, at least I recall them trying... and I knew how to smoke cigarettes, so I did know how to inhale smoke...)

    Got high as shit my second time
  5. First time. Highest I've ever been in my life.
  6. First time was a Packed Cig with the Filter.
    Didn't get high.

    Second time was with a fat ass blunt, I was blitzed
  7. first time i got smoked out by my buddy with his big glass bong (i'd say bout 15-18"). i was fucking ripped. that is definately the way to start.
  8. It is a combonation of two things, one they don't inhale properly. Either they don't inhale completely or they smoke a joint like a cigarette and inhale exhale real quick. The other is because they overthink it. This is what happened to me after smoking the only thing I thought of is damn when is this high gonna kick in... until my third try i just smoked and forgot that I smoked and all of a sudden i was like Woah!
  9. Got high as hell of 4 hits of headies the first time, though the first 2 hits I didn't inhale properly. (Could tell because the 3rd and 4th hits I was coughing like no other)
  10. I didn't get high my first times smoking because i wasn't inhaling.
  11. First time. Good ol' creepers.
  12. i got high as shit the first time. my shit was laced with meth. found out after the fact. and then the second time it was regular bud and i got blitzed then too. and the rest is history.
  13. good thread!

    first time i smoked was one of my favorite times.. i was 15.. about 3 years ago.. and my boy and i went to play basketball, i was sleeping over at his house and he did it a few times.. so he was like do u wanna smoke and i said sure why not ill try it.. he had a free crib the whole weekend... called my boy up to cop and we did this toilet paper roll trick which i bet most of you know of anyway, took a few huge rips and i was so high lol.. damn ill never forget that and we went to the supermarket and must of spend like 75 bux on munchie food haha.. thought i'd share..
  14. I got high my first time. Was hitting a homemade gravity bong :smoke:
  15. I got super high my first time. my first time this kid rolled 5 blunts. we put klonopin(sp?) in 3 of em. the people iwas with made sure i inhaled properly.i was beyond gone
  16. I hit a bowl with my cousin, I got so stoned. Then had to talk to her campus security guard. And I ate 12 Peppermint Patties.
  17. 5-7 tries

    I think what went wrong was my friends telling me to "remember to think of myself" and telling me that if I felt any discomfort it was important that I stopped. I took a drag, felt discomfort and passed on the bowl. Then I got it again, took one drag and felt discomfort.

    The fourth-sixth time I'd stop whenever I started to feel dizzy. I remember being on my couch with my stoned friends around me thinking I was high and thought it was wonderful. DAMN I was shocked the first time I actually got high! ;)
  18. Well I was really, really inexperienced with smoking ANYTHING when I first started like 3 and a 1/2 years ago.
    I didn't even know how to inhale,
    so it took like 4 attempts with a friend's shitty rolled joints to succeed because I couldn't understand inhaling..

    But once it worked...

    Ooh yeah, felt like I was dreaming.

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