I got high for the first time in 10 years

Discussion in 'General' started by AdamM, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. Ok, I just had to post this.

    I spent last weekend at Del Fest. It is a folk/bluegrass festival
    that occurs annually in the mountains of Western Maryland.

    There are tons of hippies and potheads there for the whole thing. It usually
    lasts about four or five days.

    People come here from all over the country. Alaska, California, North Carolina,
    Ohio, etc.

    The festival takes place deep into the mountains. No police are allowed
    on grounds.

    No it is not like some drug fest with drugs everywhere, but you can find them
    if you look hard enough. If you do not want to be exposed to drugs, then you
    will not have a problem. It is very family friendly.

    But it is easy to see people smoking pot there. Just walk into the crowd and
    you will see people passing glass pipes all around. The security guards there
    really don't care if you do drugs. Just as along as you stay in control.

    Anyways, I have not smoked in about ten years. I go to this festival, and late
    Saturday night I am chilling with some folks when some guy comes by and says
    something like "Hey I don't want this grass, you guys can have it." So we happily
    take it and start smoking.

    At first I don't feel anything, but like after five minutes, I start to feel the heavy
    body high. I don't like it at first, but I start to enjoy myself after about twenty
    minutes. Then my new friends decide they want to sleep, so I wander off to the
    late night festival. I walk in, and there are several people passing around
    a glass pipe. I smoke some of that and feel even better.

    Then I go to some people's campsite and they smoke me up even more.

    All in all, everyone I met smoked me up for free even though I offered
    to pay them every time.

    I had a great time. I think I will go back next year.

  2. ^^^ lol.
  3. ^ Cool..... :smoke:
  4. Hell yeah OP I'm glad you enjoyed it, man. :smoke:
  5. OP : Did you go alone? What did your wife say about this?
  6. Yes, I did go alone since I live in Western Maryland.

    I am not married, but if I was still with my ex-girlfriend, she would
    have killed me.

    I am currently 29 years old and am in school in Maryland.
  7. Ah, you were alone. That's great. Happy to hear that.

    You sounded like a married guy, sneaking out after wife and kids were sleeping...

  8. Sounds like an awesome time. The lineup for DelFest looked pretty good also.

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